It came as a warning to all the fraud and cheats when a website owner was sentenced to 18 months in prison for indulging in illegal sports betting conspiracy. According to the reports, the accused is guilty of allying with Genovese Crime Family of La Cosa Nostra to plan a huge conspiracy.

Joseph Graziano who is 78-years old and belongs to New Jersey was earlier found guilty of racketeering conspiracy. However, it was recently in the news that District Judge, Claire C Cecchi gave him the sentence of 18 months in the Newark federal court. The facts reveal that Joseph was the main owner of a betting site named The site was located in Costa Rica and encouraged illegal sports betting at a high scale.

In addition to this, he enjoyed the support of another accused named Dominick J Barone who is 45 years and belongs to the same state. Together they used to carry out regular activities of illegal betting and conspired with the Genovese Crime family. This criminal team appointed Joseph Lascala of Monroe to operate the same activities in the northern part of New Jersey.

An Insight into the Conspiracy

It was a very well planned conspiracy as every individual was given a specific task and location to handle the illegal betting. Lascala used to lead the criminal activities of crew. Crew is a word for a smaller group of associates who were given the job of collection of illegal debt and unlawful gambling. Not only this, but they were also given access to the Beteagle website and were called as agents.

In addition to this, the sub-agents used to handle a crowd of bettors. When any player used to place a bet online, they had to contact these sub-agents who used to assign a specific username to the bettor. The crew was smart enough not to make any transactions through the website. They made all financial transactions in person so that, they were not caught for cybercrime. The crime extended to the point where this criminal team used to warn the bettors in case, they were not able to pay the gambling losses. Players were given threats of violence and were mentally harassed.

The Final Verdict

Graziano, the active criminal has been asked to serve three years of supervised release by the Judge as the punishment. He has also been asked to pay a fine of $16,000 and until date, Graziano has forfeited $1 million to the US. However, all the charges against Lascala are still pending and allegations against him are still going on. Special agents of FBI have been given the task of the entire investigation. Richard M Frankel in Newark, Special Investigations Unit, under the direction of Chief Drew Niekrasz and other officers were allotted the task.

The crime is that the federal court is not going to spare the accused crew in any case. After all the allegations have been proved before the court, the final verdict regarding the remaining associates will be declared.

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