There are many patrons who have tried their luck in sports betting. Most of them have been successful too in this dicey world of online gambling. However, when it comes to sports spread betting, it is a different ballgame altogether and people need to know the rules of the game if they want to traverse its murky waters and emerge unscathed as final winners. The whole dynamic of sports spread betting depends on the accuracy of the bet placed.

The Definition

The definition of sports spread betting can be elucidated through an example. One can consider a soccer game between the UK and Brazil. If a particular person wants to place bets on the number of penalty corners to be played in the game, a specific company would offer a spread of around 8-9. A patron may believe that there would be more number of penalty shootouts than one’s purchasing power, around 10 per point.

If the actual number of penalty shootouts in the match would be 13, the bettor would win 4 times his 10 stake. However, if the penalty shootouts were restricted to 7, the bettor’s loss would amount to 1×10. Due to the involvement of low numbers, the corners market has a reduced risk component. However, for those who enjoy and want a high stakes betting score, the game can also take a more rewarding and risky turn.


One is likely to discover that sports betting is banned depending on which part of the world they inhabit in. If the laws of the particular country in which one lives permits wagering on sports, then there are several premium quality websites on the net, which can be accessed. The most recommended and preferred website in this category is the long running and successfully operational Sports Index.

It is considered to be one of the most professional sites today in this domain. It boasts of world class technical support, a plethora of widely differing markets and tightly knit threads, providing a wide variety of choice to the betting addict.

There are other websites as well like SportsSpread and Spreadex. Till recently, bettors could also choose from a fourth alternative Extrabet. However, it was bought over by Spreadex in a deal worth millions of pounds.

No doubt, there are certain risks associated with the world of sports betting and one needs to exercise utmost care while placing bets. A person who is risk-averse should not engage in this indulgence. The danger with sports betting lies in the fact that unlike other modes of betting, the chance of forfeiting one’s deposit in the high stakes game of gambling is always higher.

The best way to sail smoothly through the situation and emerge with a low risk and high winnings demeanour is to bet a potentially lesser amount of money, a notch below one’s affordability. In the end, to conclude, it is all about a little bit of luck, a lot of care, a great amount knowledge of rules and regulation and the will and capacity to emerge as a winner.

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