A Virtual Basketball Betting Product is Launched by Betradar, Making it the Fifth for Them!

The world’s most renowned provider and supplier of sports betting data services, Betradar has launched its first virtual basketball full-scale betting product.

It has been possible only due to Motion Capture technology project. With the help of this very technology, some of the best virtual betting products have arrived in the market.

The Famous Motion Capture Technology

The technology reached its peak when two basketball teams were motion captured. More than hundreds of cameras and sensors filmed a basketball court with a total volume of 4,000 m3. It took place in Great Britain’s movie studio.

No doubt, it has required brains and brawns, as half a million real game events were analysed prior to this.

The analysis included various types of shots, different positions of the players and the success rate of the game.

This formed the basis of what is known as virtual basketball!

The virtual basketball league today features 16 teams with around eight matches. All these matches run parallel to one another every 4.5 minutes.

According to the reports, it results in more than 2,400 fixtures to bet every day. The best part is that it renders all leading betting markets and the odd distribution is based on Betradar’s feed from real basketball.

The virtual basketball betting product has been tailored to be as close as possible to the actual betting.

You will notice that it is almost equal to betting on the real sports events with live tables, scores and statistics.

However, there is one major difference when it comes to the virtual version. Here, a new match starts every 4.5 minutes giving way to high frequency betting at all hours.

Words of the Managing Director

Neale Deeley, the Managing Director of Betradar mentions that the virtual basketball betting product has been designed for the customers who place bets intuitively.

It is the first virtual basketball game of its kind and is sure to be a boon for the company. Like other virtual sports, this one is also going to captivate the attention of millions across the globe added Deeley.

He further remarked that it will boost the revenues of their clients.

Virtual basketball is the company’s fifth virtual product. The other virtual games include dog racing, football, tennis and horse racing.

Since its launch in 2013, it is to be noted that more than 70 operators in the world have switched to live betting with Betradar’s virtual sports.

These virtual games have generated a turnover of over €1 billion in a year. It will replicate the betting experience and will help the company in reaching a new milestone.


To conclude, it is clear to state that virtual games have already proved and are still going to remain profitable for Betradar in the coming decades.

It is expected that Betradar is going to launch many more amazing versions of the games in order to attract punters all around the globe.

So, are you a real live betting or a virtual betting kind of gambler?

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