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Amazon is a well-known name in the online market. Starting off as an online book store, it soon diversified into various products and services.

The company is known to be one of the largest online retailers and provides all kinds of products under one roof. Amazon was formed in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. The site went online in 1995 as and it soon received good recognition in the industry.

Many people started buying books from Amazon and their niche market grew extensively. The idea of having a virtual bookstore was an instant hit since they could store millions of books from various retailers without having to buy space for a brick and mortar book store.

Within two months of the launch, the company’s sales shot up to $20,000 a week. This kind of response was truly overwhelming and it showed the crazy demand for online stores. The name of the company was formulated by Bezos and he wanted a name with the letter A so that it showed quickly in alphabetical searches. He settled for Amazon and today, this name has become a household name across the world.

If you carefully look at the Amazon logo, you will see an arrow going from A to Z in the text. The arrow signifies that the company offers everything from A to Z. if you look at the product range of Amazon, you will realise how apt the logo is!

Products and Services offered at Amazon

Amazon soon diversified into a range of products and services to expand its base and capitalise on its success. Apart from providing everything you need under one roof, the company also has a few services that are truly commendable.

The Amazon Kindle, the e-reader, tablets, Fire TV and phone are some of the services and products that Amazon has started recently. These consumer electronics are doing exceptionally well in the industry and they have become a huge hit everywhere in the world.

The products available for sale at Amazon may have started with books, but today, you name anything and you’ll be able to find it on Amazon. Right from electronics, clothes, accessories, shoes, jewellery, toys, games, sports, home, gardens to music, movies, groceries, beauty, health care, you can find everything on Amazon.

Special Offers Available at Amazon

Amazon has been known to sell at the best possible prices. A number of retailers put up their products on Amazon and you can choose from the least price as well. One of the best offers we have come across is available at, where you can get 20% off the latest Macbooks and the Macbook Air.

Amazon also gives a lot of discounts to all its customers. Every month, you can avail special discounts on various categories. You can also choose from their daily deals and get your desired products at extremely reasonable prices.

These kinds of discounts and offers help the company serve many customers with excellent products at affordable prices. Therefore, Amazon is among one of the best companies to buy anything online. They are trusted by millions of customers online and when you make your first purchase, you’ll also be able to witness their awesome customer service first-hand.

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