An Overview of Gamesys Slots

Where you live in the world will probably determine whether you have played on a Gamesys operated website. Although it is a predominantly UK focussed company, it does also have a Scandinavian site ( as well as a Spanish venture too (Botemania). A complete list of sites that it has developed is:

  • JackpotJoy
  • Virgin Games
  • Virgin Casino (New Jersey focussed)
  • Fabulous Bingo
  • Caesars Bingo
  • Caesars Casino
  • Fabulous Bingo
  • Heart Bingo
  • Sun Bingo

Starspins (a recent addition to the Gamesys family)

Now, if you live in the UK, and are remotely aware of the online bingo and slot machine world, then chances are you will have at least come across JackpotJoy and Sun Bingo, and probably Virgin Games.

 Not all of the Gamesys sites offer the same slots though.

For example Virgin Games, with it having an emphasis on slots and other casino games, rather than bingo, you will find that most of the slot machines are available. This also goes for the newly released and to a certain extent, JackpotJoy. If however you are used to playing on Sun Bingo or the lesser known Fabulous Bingo, you will find that the slot selection is not as diverse.

To get the best out of the Gamesys group of slots, we would recommend signing up to Virgin, JackpotJoy, and Starspins. By having an account with each, you will have access to our top 5 slots:

1.  Secrets of the Phoenix

This isn’t just one of our favourite slots to have been developed by Gamesys, but any of the big gaming software producers. It has one of the most action packed bonus rounds going, that sometimes seems as though it can last forever (that’s a good thing when you are winning bonus money!). Triggering the bonus is also quite unique, in that you must climb up steps where you find out how many free spins you receive.  In summary Secrets of the Phoenix slot is one of the most exciting around and should appeal to anyone who enjoys casino games.

2.  Double Bubble

One of the oldies but goodies – Double Bubble slot is an action packed game that seems to throw you from being broke to very well off in seconds (and often vice versa). We would consider this a relatively high risk game where the rewards can be massive but you can find yourself not winning a spin for seemingly a very long time.

3.  Tiki Island

The thing we really like about Tiki Island slot is the sheer number, and quality of the bonus rounds it offers. There are 3 different bonus rounds in total that can be accessed to win big prizes. The game is also very nicely designed and is aesthetically pleasing. The only bad thing that we have to say about the site is that its payouts don’t seem to be as high as some of the other games out there, although they certainly aren’t the worst.

4.  Houdini

Houdini slot is another game, similar to Tiki Island, that offers a wide variety of bonus rounds to keep a player entertained. Many online slots just offer one or two bonus round but Houdini has three on offer. Payout percetages are very fair and graphically it is very nice, even if not as appealing as the latest Netent Games like Starburst.

5.  In it for the Monet

In it for the Monet AKA Frederik and Francois is a 9 winline game that offers loads of fun – especially for players that enjoy the format of Sun Winning headlines, or the X Factor slot games. It is essentially the same machine, just with different icons, although we prefer it to the others due to its funky, but sometimes annoying music, as well as the characters.

So there we have it – that is our list of the top five Gamesys slots. If you would like to leave any feedback, then please feel free to do so, below.

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