roulette-1Roulette is a game of pure chance and luck. It was first introduced in France about two centuries ago, and has become an integral part of betting games and casinos around the world.

Even though it has a relatively small following compared to other betting games in America, it is still wildly popular in Europe. Roulette is fairly easy and just requires players to have a basic knowledge of the game in order to play.

The Table Layout

In general, the Roulette table consists of a felt which is placed next to a Roulette wheel with a tilted circular track along the circumference of the wheel. The felt consists of all possible numbers from 0-36 and bets are placed on numbers.

The Roulette wheel is divided into 37 divisions from 0-36 for the French version and 38 divisions for the American version, with an extra 00. The 0s and 00s are classified as the house advantage and have a green background, while the other divisions have either red or a black background. Each division contains an open box for the ball to settle. In some tables, there are also closed boxes on the inner side of the wheel for players to place an “inside bet”.

How to Play Roulette

roulette-2The highest payout is awarded to the number with the highest odds and the lowest to the number with the lowest odds. A “straight up” bet involves the player making a bet on just a single number and has the highest payout. A “split bet” allows players to bet on two numbers and win if the ball lands on either one of them. A “street bet” is when the player bets on 3 numbers, and a “Corner” bet has 4 winning numbers.

Betting on 6 or 12 numbers to win is called the “6-line” and “column” bet respectively. Players can also choose to bet on whether the ball would land on an odd/even number, red/black number or on any of the numbers from 1-18 or 19-36. This is called the “Even money” bet, and has the lowest payout.

The chips are placed on the number the player wants to bet on. Once all the bets are placed on the felt, the croupier spins the wheel. Players have the option to change their bets or to add another bet, but once the ball drops onto the spinning wheel, no more bets can be placed. The ball spins along the tilted circumference, in a direction opposite to the spin of the wheel. As the momentum of the ball slows down, it falls into one of the boxes. The number associated with that box is declared the winning number. The payouts are then awarded to the winning players according to their bets. That’s all there is to Roulette.

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