The residents of Sweden may soon witness changes in the gaming legislation of the country. This is because the Swedish Minister of Public Administration, Ardalan Shekarabi is all set to bring in the new gaming laws. This initiative has been taken in order to make changes to the online gambling regulations in 2018. Shekarabi has always made his intention clear to move on and create a licensing system for the implementation in the nation. In fact, the minister is looking forward to pass the new gaming law before the country’s next general election that is due in September 2018. In addition to this, the process is expected to begin in autumn of 2015.

Sweden’s Existing Gaming Monopoly

In October 2014, the European Commission referred the nation to the European Court of Justice. This was done over claims that the online gaming monopoly of Sweden actually imposes restrictions on the marketing of online betting services that are not in line with the EU law. The news of the new regulation was declared in February 2015 after the Minister of Public Administration remarked that the modifications to the regulated Swedish gaming environment were not on the priority list of the nation’s agenda. To add on, Secretary General of the Swedish Association of Online Gambling Operators, Gustaf Hoffstedt has mentioned that the country may step ahead to liberalise the existing gaming laws in the upcoming days.

GBGC’s Report on African Sports Betting

Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC) has recently revealed the status of African sports betting and latest trends in virtual betting. In the GBGC’s flagship Global Gambling Report, research on more than 250 gaming and betting markets was conducted thoroughly. Warwick Bartlett, the CEO of GBGC further remarked that he was delighted to present the reports and reveal the facts. He said that the topics of research had been interesting and he is sure that the readers will find complete interest in engaging with them. He further added that operators are today looking ahead to get the most stimulating opportunities and the two reports are all about that.


The report of GBGC on Africa disclosed that the cultural trend of the nation is driving the sports betting sector. It is true that the Asian and European betting markets are much ahead of the African market, but various factors are now pushing Africa towards success. Economic prosperity, elevated stability, millennial and urbanisation are some of those trends that are improving the African betting market.

The director of GBGC, Lorien Pilling remarked that the international suppliers have already analysed the probability and are dealing with some of the recognised operators of the country. In fact, Bartlett mentions that the best way to start is to remain always informed. GBGC has already accomplished projects in Africa and is soon going to complete the future ones too.

On one hand, GBGC is all set to spark new betting opportunities in Africa and Sweden and on the other is ready to bring in the new gaming legislation.

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