Betting at the US Open-Some Tips to Place the Best Bets!

There is a great deal of excitement in golfing circles with the US Open Golf tournament currently getting underway at Washington’s Chambers Bay golf course.

This tournament is attracting a great deal of interest from punters, especially since it is being held on a course which has never before been the venue of a golfing major tournament.

If you are interested in betting on the outcome here, you’ll find the following information about it very useful.

  • Chambers Bay has been made to be Scottish in nature and it has undulating links. People who excel at putting will have a definite advantage over others. As a matter of fact, any player who stood out from the others in the British Open has a good chance of doing well here.
  • Since the venue is a links course, it is quite natural to expect Europeans to do well here. Factor this into account when placing your wagers.
  • Another interesting thing about this course is that it does not seem to favour people who have won here before. In fact, experience does not seem to play an important role here since many of its winners have won it for the first time. You can bet on people who are not fancied to win and you might definitely be surprised by the outcome.
  • Strangely enough, no left handed person has ever won the tournament even though many have come pretty close to doing so.
  • Even though you might have a few favourites for the tournament, it is a good idea to bet on the less fancied players. You will be able to bet on them at very low prices and the returns will be that much better in case you win. Wager very small amounts on them in case you don’t want to expose yourself too much.

The people most expected to win include the following.

Rory McIlroy

With odds of 8-1 on him, McIlroy has had a bad streak of late, but he still retains his World number one ranking and is a formidable opponent indeed.

Jordan Spieth

There are a lot of expectations on his young shoulders considering that he has just won the masters.

He has a bit of an edge over the others since his caddie has a lot of experience on the curse. Odds on him to win are 9-1.

Phil Mickelson

There are odds of 18-1 on his winning the championship.

He has been pipped to the top post at the US Open at least six times, and will be looking to pick up an attractive trophy this year.

Justin Rose

Here too, there are odds of 18-1. Rose won the tournament in 2013 and might just be able to repeat his performance this year.

Dustin Johnson

There are odds of 22-1 on him. However, it seems unlikely that he will put on a good show considering that he seems to have fallen ill.

There are many more players waiting to try their hands at the tournament. Doing a bit of homework will enable you to place the best bets.

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