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A huge number of bingo sites are now available online, and as such whenever you get the urge to play your favourite bingo game, you will find hundreds if not thousands of different bingo bonuses to choose from!

Our Top 5 Bingo Bonuses

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As an online bingo player you are therefore going to have access to not only plenty of bingo sites offering you every imaginable type of bingo game, but you will also be overwhelmed by the sheer number of bingo bonuses that you can also claim and make use of too!

That is where the following bingo bonus guide is going to enlighten you on just which type of bonuses offer you the best value and the best winning opportunities, and by looking around our website you are also going to find a range of exclusive bingo bonuses.

Different Types of Bingo Bonuses

Three main types of new player bingo bonuses are going to become available once you venture into the online real money bingo playing environment, and below is an overview of each of those types of bonuses.

No Deposit Bingo Bonuses – Not all online bingo sites will offer you a no deposit bingo bonus when you register as a new player at those bingo sites, but those that do will let you play with the bingo sites own funds when claiming such a bonus, which will of course mean you are never forced to make an initial deposit to claim such a bonus.

However, the amount of cash you can cash out when using that type of no risk bonus is often limited so whilst fairly generous bonuses they do not offer the best value!

Deposit Match Bingo Bonuses – The types of bingo bonuses you should be looking around for and utilizing the most are deposit match bonuses. Even if you can only afford to make a very small deposit into some bingo sites you will find the value of the initial new player deposit match bingo bonuses can be huge.

It is not uncommon to find some deposit match bingo bonuses designed as 500% bonus offers, and as such making a small deposit will see you then being credits with five times that amount a bonus credits!

Free Bingo Cards and Tickets – On additional type of bingo promotional offer you may find being offered to you as a new player, or possibly as a regular player at some bingo sites are promotions which will give you a certain number of free bingo cards or bingo tickets to take part in some special high paying bingo games.

If you do make use of those types of bingo promotional offers make sure the winnings you achieve are paid out to you as cash credits as opposed to bingo credits, for if the winnings are credited to you as bonus funds you will have to buy a certain number of bingo tickets with those winnings before they get turned into cash credits!

When to Play Bingo Online Using a Bonus

One aspect to playing bingo online is that there are some times of the day or night when most bingo sites are at their quietest, and by carefully timing when you log onto to play bingo with your bonus funds you can slightly increase the chances of you winning!

By logging onto a bingo site and claiming their respective bonuses at the quieter times of the day or night, then with fewer players logged into the bingo rooms that means the more tickets you purchase for those bingo games the more chances you will have of winning.

If you decide to play at the busier times then you are going to be faced with hundreds or even thousands of fellow players playing the same games and in the same rooms as you, and therefore your chances of winning will then decrease proportionately!

Also keep in mind that there are some online bingo games you can play with bonus credits that offer more than one cash prize. Take for example the 90 Ball Bingo games, when playing those types of games online you have the chance of winning three different cash prizes.

So make sure you add those types of games onto your list of games to play when logged into any of our featured bingo sets, as you will have the chance of winning a one line prize, a two line prize and also the biggest cash prize on offer which is reserved for the player or players calling bingo with a full house!

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