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There has been a lot of talk recently as to whether games of skill are going to be the “next big thing”, and there are certainly plenty of game designers who are dedicating a lot of time, money and research into such games.

In fact, Planet Hollywood casino is testing out games of skill on their gaming floor and has set aside a dedicated area of that gaming floor for those new games.  In that particular casino those skill based games are on offer as table top games, and it does have to be said they are proving to be very popular with players.

The main and most obvious difference between games of chance and games of skill is that it is the ability of players that determines any players winning chances on games of skill as opposed to luck alone on games of chance.

As such if a player does manage to master the art of playing them, they stand a much increased chance of ending a gaming session in profit.

Over in the UK skill games have been available for many years, and they have tended to take the form of question and answer type machines, known as SWP machines on which players have to try and answer as many questions as is possible to win a cash prize.

However, if you do master the art of playing any type of game of skill, then you are likely to experience problems playing them. Many people have found themselves banned from pubs and clubs due to their skill at playing skill with prizes machines in the UK!

There is however a very easy way that you are going to be able to master playing such games and that is by you signing up to one of the Bitcoin accepting skill sites of which there are quite available to players.

When playing at such site you are going to find many of them will let you both sign up and deposit anonymously when using Bitcoin, but you are also going to be able to play those types of games for free initially.

If that is something you fancy doing then simply follow this link to find out more. Being able to play games of skill at no cost initially means that you can then spend as much time as you require learning the ins and outs of playing them, until you are confident you have enough ability.

You may be wondering just how diverse the range of Bitcoin games of skill you can play online are well there are two main types of such games.

The first are games which are designed as slot machines, and it will only be once you manage to trigger their respective bonus games that you will then get to play off the game of skill.

That does however mean that you could spend a small fortune playing such slots to finally trigger a bonus game, so to be perfectly honest you may be best advised to play some of the other types of games which are completely skill based.

Some games that are include Asteroids and Space Invaders, and as such when you set about playing those games you will be required to play them as optimally as possible using your skill and ability for it will be the final score you achieve that will determine your winning chances.

Do however keep in mind that there are some much more classical casino games that do require a certain element of skill by players to achieve the highest possible pay backs, and those games include games such as Video Poker and Blackjack, and you will find plenty of Bitcoin accepting casinos that do offer such games!

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