Canada’s Only Sports Betting Bill C-290 in a Fix!

Canada’s only sports betting bill, C-290 may wager in troubled waters as the government is hesitant to act upon it.

Political commentators and Canadian news sources have almost come to the conclusion that the lone sports betting bill that is being kept stagnated with the end of the Ottawa Senate, bears no future leaving online betting enthusiasts in a fix.

The bill, if passed, will allow online gambling in legalised and licensed betting premises that includes casinos and racetracks.

Campaigners in support of online betting have been putting their demands in the best possible fashion, but nothing significant seems to come out of their efforts.

The House of Commons had passed the bill three years ago; unfortunately, it has not seen the light of the day. Lawmakers have conveniently shelved it for another day!

The Canadian parliament will progress into their summer break in a couple of weeks, hence, leaving the dealings of the bill in a limbo.

It seems difficult that the C290 will make its way into national law, it is reported.

Several political commentators have expressed their concern of the likely death of the bill if it is not passed before the General Election that is scheduled to take place in October this year.

If the bill is not discussed on time, sports betting organisations will have to start their campaigns from the beginning, which also means leaving them in a soup.

But, in all probability, online betting enthusiasts that include several police officials, politicians, businessman and organisations have demanded a clear answer as early as possible.

Several influential gaming outlets have openly requested the government to take note of the gaining popularity of sports betting and to not miss this opportunity to rule the judgement in favour of online gambling.

One such operator is the Caesars Entertainment Canada that has openly asked the Senate to think about the matter and to earnestly consider the proposal.

Apart from the big organisations that have shown their support for the bill, several informal groups and individuals have also come together in raising their voice towards the same issue.

They believe that this can save the C-290 from complete banishment!

Advocates who are in favour of the bill have often stated that a large sum of money can be relocated with online sports wagering being legalised.

They estimate, on an average, CAD $14 billion could be brought back from offshore accounts used for online betting.

This would create a regulated market in the country. Not only that, it will also produce a good amount of tax revenues for the country.

Honestly, as far as the current situation is concerned, it seems unlikely that the Senate will take up the matter soon.

They seem reluctant to want to go into the debate as the bill may cause disagreement within the parliament.

In all likelihood, it can be assumed that the bill may be overlooked without much notice, and the Senate will pick up other important matters that need deliberation!

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