It is true that many well-known websites face problems sooner or later. Recently, the most popular sports betting website, Pty Ltd was found to be guilty of printing an advertisement claiming to offer 100% to their new members who deposited cash into their betting accounts. Soon after introducing this offer, the company was warned by the Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR).

The authority was recently seen conducting an ongoing shutdown on the sports betting companies that induce the inhabitants of NSW to gamble. It is clear that the offer of the Northern Territory-based did not even exclude the people of NSW. According to the NSW’s Racing Administration Regulation 2012, all the licensed wagering operators are prohibited from launching any advertisement that provides the residents of NSW with any gambling offer. It restricts any type of voucher, credit or anything else that encourages them to involve in gambling and open a betting account.

Issues of ClassicBet Pty Ltd

The news came soon after ClassicBet was found to be involved in illegal gambling advertising. It was ordered to pay a total fine of $5,500 ($1,000 as fine and $4,500 in legal cost). This website distributed an advertisement that claimed to offer ‘Premium Rewards Program’ to all the residents of NSW. Under this program, the site promised to reward every player for every bet placed irrespective of a loss or a win. The bonus bets and rewards included holidays, sports tickets and shopping vouchers for the residents.

Mobile Market First by Yahoo7

In other news, Yahoo7 launched a 360-degree mobile ad format. The execution of this advertisement includes a 360-degree video and accelerometer mobile technology. It aims at providing virtual reality that can offer a branded experience to all the users. To add on, users will be able to move their phone around in order to explore the virtual environment that they are surrounded in.

The Mobile Strategy Manager of Yahoo7, Venessa Hunt remarked that this new ad format aims at exploring the untouched angles of mobile advertising. Her company is constantly making efforts to include the most advanced technology or approach in their ad solutions, she says. It is true that Yahoo7 will remain committed to its innovation and will continue to offer the best products in the market. The brand wishes to continue in a way that can make a connection with the audience in unique ways. The entire crew of the company has been actively involved in aligning the new advertising methods with the business’ mobile-first strategy.

The 360-degree mobile ad format is a unique concept. It has further directed the other ad companies to come up with something different like this. Yahoo7 has set its benchmark with its is expected to do so in the coming years as well.

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