Currys – A Branded Electrical Retailer Chain

Currys is one of the most popular electrical retailers pioneering in household appliances as well as home electronics. It is a leading brand in the UK and has more than 295 superstores running in different locations. Founded in the year 1884, the retail chain started with the name of Henry Curry which came under the ownership of Dixons Retail plc.

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But later in April, 2006 it was decided that its name will be changed to Currys in the entire UK. This led to the increase in the number of stores which went to 550.

Foundation of the retail shop

The Currys was established in the year 1884 by none other than Henry Curry. Henry first started building bicycles in the 40 Painter Street in England and later on he opened a shop in the year 1888. This is how he laid the foundation of a brand which gained immense popularity. In the year 1890, he expanded his premises and moved to a new location in Belgrave Gate. The company gained a financial footing when Henry collaborated with his sons and named the company as H Curry & Sons. His business flourished by leaps and founds thus taking it to greater heights. The company extended the product line from bicycles to radios and toys as well.

Taken Over by Dixons

The company was really doing well but in the year 1984, the Currys was overtaken by Dixons or the Dixons Retail plc. Dixons pioneered in the electrical products and ensured that their brand was still unique and maintained its identity. It was Dixons who re-branded the name of the Dixon Stores to Currys in the year 2006. As Currys Stores were popular, therefore re-branding helped the DSG to attain a global level. From here, there was no looking back and the Currys became one of the highly reputed brands in the UK and Ireland.

Currys Online Store

Apart from so many superstores and high street stores, Currys also have their online store where they can explore a huge variety of electronic goods and household items available at a great price. If you are looking for a one stop option for Currys products, the online store is definitely the best place to avail the same. You will come across a wide range of products that include kitchen appliances, small appliances, PC accessories and lots more. There are lots of exciting deals that offer a superb opportunity to purchase the products at reasonable prices.

Currently the Christmas season is on and the store is offering great deals to the customers. You can not only enjoy a wonderful shopping experience but save a few bucks as well. The Currys have introduced a new scheme this Christmas wherein you can book the products online and collect the same from the store. This has definitely attracted a lot of people who are fond of the Currys products and wish to avail them.

So, you can say that Currys is a well-known brand whose products are superior, high in quality and also suitable to your budget.

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