New Jersey is still witnessing the struggles of legislators to get the law allowing sports gambling passed. Recently it was in the news that the court rejected the appeal of passing the law in the Garden State yet again. It was dismissed because of the violation of the Amateur Sports Protection Act and Federal Professional of 1992. In addition to this, this case is still pending in the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. However, the verdict is expected to be made any day.

Details of the Case

NHL, NFL, NBA and MLB are the four popular professional sports leagues that have brought the case to the court. In fact, the US Department of Justice and NCAA have also supported the view. Together, they have all struggled to block New Jersey’s endeavours to legalise sports gambling. However, the shocking part is that some of the involved plaintiffs have contradicted their views and have supported the legalisation of sports gambling. This awkward situation has lessened the need for the lawsuit filed at present.

In the Words of Adam Silver

Adam Silver, the Commissioner of NBA has recently presented his views in the New York Times. He mentioned his support of legalisation of sports gambling in turn, fully contradicting the efforts of four major leagues. The commissioner made it a point to clear his present take by revealing that he does want to get the bill approving sports gambling passed but through Congress only. He presents his aversion towards the Court legalising the same. Whatever Silver has confessed, it only hints at his intention to legalise sports gambling. Not only this, the former NBA Commissioner David Stern also supports the very same opinion.

It came as a surprise to see that Michele Roberts, the executive director of the NBA players’ union, the National Basketball Players Association still holds her views. She expressed that she would like to look into the matter of sports gambling legalisation herself. Further, she expects that the team of players may also be interested in the legalisation. To add on, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a former presidential candidate encouraged Silver’s views of getting the legalisation process done through Congress. He too wants Congress to step into the matter and investigate it thoroughly.

The Department of Justice

The Department has declared that sports betting do involve ‘substantial skill’. It strengthened this point of view by presenting the example of Billy Walters who is a very popular sports gambler in Las Vegas. However, NFL has realised that sports gambling not only involves skill, but also chances. Both NFL and the Department of Justice are still against New Jersey’s efforts to allow this so called skilled activity.

The Bottom Line

After keeping in mind all the contradictions and support, it can be clearly stated that there is much common ground to the issue. The experts believe that the present battle must be ceased and the courts must support the views of Congress. It is time to legalise sports gambling as a majority of people support it.

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