Did You Know that Analytics can Help Sports Betting? Here’s How!

Over a period of time, and more prominently, in the last couple of months, fantasy sports betting has become very popular.

And naturally, several new and upcoming analytic sites have mushroomed to offer customers accurate details about these online websites.

Swish Analytics, which is owned by Joe Hagen, is one such website. Hagen talks about a lot of issues related to analytics websites.

He started his website last year, along with his team. The website was a sports betting initiative, which solely focused on the NBA.

Over the year, they have grown exponentially. Hagen and his team decided to expand it to cover other games as well.

Currently, apart from NBA, they also cover the NFL. Recently, they have also introduced the MLB product.

There are several important things to keep in mind while making a prediction.

Hagen tells that his website keeps a track of line ups, umpires and the weather. He also adds that the website automatically updates and runs on real time.

He further explains that his team has made sure that they do not miss out on any detail that is crucial for the participants while they make their prediction.

The recently launched MLB analytics system serves as a boon for people who are regulars at playing the fantasy league.

The app has been reviewed on several occasions and has received positive ratings.

Hagen makes it clear that the app accumulates data that can help consumers make an informed decision.

He claims that one of the biggest advantages of the app is the fact that it garners very important and useful information that is otherwise unknown to the participant.

He father goes on to say that he and his team are trying to create a product that equips the consumer with quantitative data that they could use whenever they may need help.

It will be at their disposal while they place bets.

One of the areas where Swish Analytics thinks they stand out from the rest is that they offer transparency to their customers.

It firmly believes to show the participants accurate data and do not try to hide any sort of information.

Hagen promises his customers that his website will not hide any sort of information. There are several advantages attached to this.

The biggest one is the fact that when a customer knows his chances of winning or losing, they will bet accordingly.

Secondly, it will allow the users to judge how they would want to use the data!

It is also important that the information provided is easy to understand and read.

It should be organised and not presented in a haphazard fashion. Swish Analytics is careful when it comes to this.

It automatically trashes all the sources and websites that are not useful. The website identifies the tweets that have the information the user is looking for.

Currently, all the users can avail of a free version of the website or even opt for a paid trial pack.

The website hopes to expand and include other games under their purview soon.

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