Lovers of Daily Fantasy Sports have had a rather disappointing week. First, there was the news that DraftKings had successfully achieved a license in the UK for their gaming operations. The second news was that FanDuel got itself a sports analytics site. This website has branches in Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and sports betting.

But as of now, DraftKings will not be having their own sports book. While many thought that the next possible step for them would be to open their own sports book, the CEO of the company, Jason Robins does not have such an opinion. In an interview with Bloomberg, he says that though the company has expansive plans for its operations and that they want to expand, having a sports book is not one of them. He confirms the news by affirming that one of the biggest plus points of DraftKings is the fact that they do well in daily fantasy and that’s what they are going to stick with, and not venture into sports book.

This trend of opening up fantasy sports venues cropped up only earlier this year where many big companies were opting for this option. What they do not like is the language of the fantasy sports books. Most of them do not tend to use their terminology and rightly so, DraftKings has refrained from using it. Their entry to the market in the UK might have a negative effect in the US. But the company remains hopeful about their operations in the UK.

For the most part, Daily Fantasy Sports are considered to be unregulated in the US, at least currently. Hence, expanding can be an issue.

On the other hand, FanDuel offers betting advice. They have recently also announced that they have bought numberFire only this Wednesday. Many people say it is the perfect fit between relevant information about Daily Fantasy Sports and entertainment. Well, it’s not all that flowery. There is also a genuine flipside to it as well. The subscription to numberFire will entitle you to play games such as NFL, NHL, MLB and more. So, inevitably, the information provided would help anybody who wants to bet.

It should not be interpreted that the data and information provided on numberFire is to be used by FanDuel for betting purposes. It is an open secret that four of the biggest sports leagues in America namely MLB, NHL and NBA have partnerships with platforms such as FanDuel or DraftKings. But the confusion remains, if the line becomes blurred between gambling in sports and DFS, is it a good move for the company?

Commissioner for NBA, Adam Silver is of the view of regulated sports betting. In the Baseball league, commissioner Rob Manfred is not in the favour of sports betting. And lastly, Gary Bettman is also not much in favour of legalised betting. It is also no secret that NFL is the most sought-after and conservative game to gamble upon. Even then, their teams have entered the premise of FanDuel and DraftKings.

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