It is time for all the football lovers to set their eyes on their TV screens. With the National Football League starting, millions of fans throughout North America are getting ready to place wagers on their favourite teams. The football league brings a lot of joy to the people and they love watching it with their family and friends. Of course, the fantasy sports results in huge moneymaking opportunities and so, keep the people engaged.

The Fantasy Sports Industry

No doubt, fantasy sports has become the hottest topic these days. It has become so popular that the TV openly broadcasts the launch of weekend games and promotes the commercials of these sports. In addition to this, fantasy businesses such as FanDuel and DraftKings leave no opportunity behind to captivate the attention of sports bettors. With the help of such companies, the football fans choose the best players to place their bets upon and earn huge cash.

Rep. Frank Pallone, Democrat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee remarks that almost all the Americans plan to spend their time and money in placing bets every other day. Pallone has even called in for a congressional hearing so that, the legality of the fantasy sports industry can be explored in a better way. He further adds by saying that all those who have watched the commercials of these fantasy sports have got attracted to it in the first week only. It is important to review the legality of such mainstream sites and govern their activities, according to Pallone.

In the Words of Joe Asher

Joe Asher, the CEO of sports book operator William Hill US remarks that the officials of the gaming industry consider fantasy sports a form of gambling. The CEO points out at the fact that it is only in gambling where a person puts up something of great value in order to win something of value. It can be nothing, but gambling, says Joe. Further, the next question arises that how can the US government kill this industry completely. It is true that the state earns the major part of its revenue through the gambling industry, which makes it unjust to terminate it out rightly.

Earlier, the government completely killed the online poker industry. Thus, it will not be a shock to see the same happening with fantasy sports. Pallone makes it clear that Congress had already looked into the matter earlier in the year 2006 when it came up with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The law gave exemption to many states, but it has also driven billions of dollars underground.

It seems that the Congress will hardly take any interest in tackling fantasy sports as it has much more important tasks lined up in its way. Still, the football fans are waiting fingers crossed for any good news!

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