The foray of Daily Fantasy Sports promoters into events like NFL has raised concerns of unhealthy practices entering the hallow precincts of educational institutions. The amateur status of collegiate sports as represented by NCAA and a heady mix of money represented by the daily fantasy sports firms may be a perfect recipe for disaster of discipline in the campuses. This finally could result in the shakeup of the very edifice of sports in the US.

Looming Dangers

Though it is only the beginning, daily fantasy sports making their inroads in sponsorship of collegiate sporting events, those in the know of things are quick to warn about the impending dangers that the association could bring about. And even setting aside the merits or otherwise of the fantasy sports, the mere involvement of the money raking event and its promoters in the collegiate sports spells a deep rooted malice for the sustenance and growth of sports in its budding state. Well meaning individuals like Marx Edelman, a faculty in the department of law fear the worst, like match fixing in NFL with the entry of the daily fantasy sports firms.

Past Precedence of Sports Scams

History of sports right from the early 19th century is replete with instances of corruptions and scams in sports as a result of player dissatisfactions in remunerations. And with NCAA stubbornly resisting attempts to pay the players representing the teams, the net seems to be cast for the vultures from the fantasy sports marketing fraternity to lure the average players to adopt unethical practices. Since players who are less likely to progress to the next level of sports where they could turn a pro and make it big are susceptible to the lure of money, insidious agents of fantasy sports might as well target these players and gain a lot of critical insider information.

Scary Stats

Whether you like it or not, the ground realities point out that the fantasy sports is gaining recognition across different sections of the populace. A study conducted by NCAA, the participation of student athletes in fantasy sports as well as in betting is very significant. In a quick intervention, now NCAA has prohibited players from being associated with fantasy sports in any respect. Strict penalties, which include life-time ban, have been listed by NCAA for offences committed. Thus, the NCAA have been more forthright in keeping a distance from the fantasy sports, unlike the federal laws, which have excluded the fantasy sports from the list of illegal betting games. As the fantasy sports are not viewed as illegal by the federal government, they are able to advertise freely. Thus, NCAA face stiff challenge in the face of the massive ad campaigns let loose by the daily fantasy sports companies.

Charges of Double Standards

NCAA is surely in a spot of hypocrisy and faces embarrassment allowing the sponsorship money from the fantasy sports to come to the campus, while asking the student players not to have any link with these companies.

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