If you’ve been following the news recently, you must have heard about a sports operator based out of Ghana going ahead and fulfilling an ambitious step.

The sports operator in question, Simplebet signed a deal with Finnplay, who is a major online gambling software provider.

As a result, Simplebet will be getting their software from Finnplay. Established in 2008, Finnplay have come a long way and rightfully made their presence felt at the global level.

About Finnplay

This company had a mission as well as a passion to develop a very open gaming platform and also creating the best user experience.

In order to achieve that, they have applied certain quality technology and clearly understood the differences between online, land-based and mobile platforms.

They have developed solutions, which are specific for every single sector. As already mentioned the company was founded in the year 2008 and specialise in developing gaming platforms for real money games and solutions for iGaming industry.

They do not discriminate among a large established company or start-ups and look to replace legacy games and improve them.

Their office is based at Helsinki in Finland and has been regulated and certified under Gaming Jurisdictions of Belgium, Curacao, and Malta.

Their main aim is to understand what the customers want and develop the same.

The African Market

While elaborating on the deal, the Vice President of Sales from Finnplay, Erkki Nikunen stated that the African market is rapidly emerging as the potential market for sports betting.

In order to assist the conventional operations, Finnplay’s BillFold Kiosk platform is designed exclusively for catering to any form of gaming at a physical location.

Ernest Badu, the Managing Director of Simplebet also released a statement in which he mentioned that they are looking forward to scale up the business and choose a technology partner with an expertise and also who has experience in retail sports betting.

Simplebet has been giving sports betting service in Ghana for a lot of years now, so, this makes it a strategic and wise decision for the future of the operator.

Breaking Down the Software

From an analysis made from the Finnplay corporate website, it is revealed that the Billfold Kiosk was designed to support gambling even at physical locations.

And, to assure that it is very relevant to the global market, Finnplay has made the Billfold Kiosk to support local payment methods whether it is by cash or even note readers.

Without a doubt, it is one of the most important features while working with operators of sports betting in less familiar markets such as Ghana.

Biffold Kiosk aims not to promote only physical gambling, but also support the mobile counterpart as well.

Tablets and smartphones will become more and more advanced and it is important that as a software provider they should embrace and take advantage of the new technology.

To summarise, Simplebet customers will have some enhanced experience, which includes skin-able lobby, external buttons, note reader technology, touchscreen, and much more.

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