Two friends turned foes after winning the jackpot worth $10,000 at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Florida.

Friends at Loggerheads Over the Winning Jackpot

When Jan Flato, 66, was gambling at the casino near Fort Lauderdale, he asked his attractive friend Marina Medvedeva Navarro, 35, to press the slot machine button to bring good luck to him. Once the wheels rolled to disclose the winning digits, Jan was delighted. But the happiness was short-lived! When he attempted to gather his winning amount, the employees of the casino told him that the large jackpot was fairly Navarro’s.

So Jan lost $10,000 jackpot to his companion, who still has not offered him a single cent. Ever since Jan Flato and Marina have been in an enraged feud over the winnings.

Flato had moved to Aventura from Las Vegas a few years ago to aid his old mother. Jan reported to the Miami Herald about the 31st January event. He said that the casino told him that Navarro pressed the button. Hence, the casino had to lawfully pay her the winning amount. However, even the people handing over the money exclaimed that this was unjust to him.

The Winning Jackpot Winner Confirmed by Employees of Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

Gary Bitner, an employee of Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino accepted that they checked the surveillance footage. It clearly shows that Novarro pressing the slot machine button. So it was confirmed that she was the deserved winner of the huge jackpot. He also stated their casino’s policy which is; the person who either presses a slot machine button or else drags the lever is the person who receives the jackpot.

Although, Flato asserts that he exercised his gambling card to pay $50-a-spin on the Double Top Dollar machine. As soon as the winnings were drawn, Marina received it and walked out of the casino leaving Jan Flato in a complete shock.

Afterward, Navarro denied this claim made by Flato saying that she invested her money in the destined spin which rewarded her jackpot. Navarro is a married mortgage broker living in Aventura, Florida. She first met Jan at the high-roller room at Gulfstream Park in the year 2015. She argued that initially she wished to split the jackpot with his associate Jan, but soon after he tried to intimidate her, she decided otherwise.

Navarro further adds that since when the $50,000 cheque and an additional $50,000 in cash were granted to her, Flato did not take the failure calmly. Novarro remarked to the Herald that Jan, all at once, went crazy. He began to yell in front of everyone.

She adds that she received a number of violent text messages by Jan, one of which displayed as, “Having me as an enemy. Not good.” Later, she replied to his text messages by asking whether he still hates her and also she misses him. Flato texted her back by asking how could she possibly do that to him. Navarro sustains that her past companion is aiming to destroy her character. On the other hand, Flato maintains that he only desires to raise alertness for the clearly unjust rule.

Navarro’s Facebook page has been filled with bitter comments from users who got wind of the story. Flato wanted to spread awareness among people so they would not be cheated by any of their companions while gambling on casino games and slots. He has played many slots worldwide, but he was never left disappointed by such action against him.

So, the next time when your friends request you if they can give a shot at a slot that you have invested money in, think again!

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