The people of Zimbabwe may soon witness some interesting betting shops, lottery gaming and casinos around the country. It is true that gambling has always remained a topic of vice and vanity in Zimbabwe and has hardly been encouraged. In the parts where it happened, it was only limited to odd casinos, state lottery and horse betting.

In the major urban centres of the nation, sports betting shops have emerged as a result of increasing interest among punters wanting to earn extra money through gambling. Thus, lottery gaming has cropped up to satiate the growing needs of gaming and gambling. In addition to this, it has been seen that the gambling activities reaches its peak when the football league commences. According to the most aged players in the gambling world, Mashonaland Turf Club opposes the idea that the gambling industry has undergone a substantial transformation.

In the Words of Chamu Mhembere

The marketing manager of the Mashonaland Turf Club, Chamu Mhembere has remarked that the growth of the gambling industry is clearly seen in the emergence of the newest players. He adds that the entire industry has evolved a lot and many more betting companies are emerging. The sports betting markets have developed and other establishments such as limited payout machines, lotteries, and scratch cards have also emerged. In the past three years, the gambling industry has witnessed a new dimension according to the manager. The young people have been greatly attracted towards sports betting as it opens up a lot of opportunities to moneymaking.

The Lotteries and Gambling Board

The operations of the gambling industry is controlled and supervised by the Lotteries and Gambling Board. At present, most of the resort hotels today have casinos in them and some more are coming up with the same idea. In 2000, the board came into being and until date, it has remained the regulating body of the gambling world in Zimbabwe.

On the other hand, the social commentators mention that gambling has both pros and cons. Gambling has become a social disease in the society and may affect the lives of many in the future, says Edmos Mtetwa who is a lecturer at the School of Social Work. He added that right after the introduction of multiple currency system, gambling flourished in those tough times. Moreover, gambling will not serve as a perfect solution to all the socio-economic issues. It is hardly going to alleviate poverty in the country, says Mtetwa.


In fact, the labour economist, Godfey Kanyenze has also remarked that the residents of Zimbabwe are under great pressure from a non-performing economy. Therefore, they look forward to some ways in which money can be earned instantly and easily. They wish to get quick wins through gambling and make more money. In future, when the economic condition of the nation will improve, the scale of gambling is likely to lessen to a great extent. Therefore, the progress in Zimbabwe and its effect on the gambling world is still to be witnessed in the coming years!

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