It seems to be a fact of life these days that just about everywhere you look you’ll see something to do with or endorsed by the terrific Game of Thrones series from HBO. Clearly it’s a top notch show despite the unbelievable manner in which it’s been dragged out with regards to the dragons coming of age and doing what we all hope they’ll do! But enough about the TV show the casino slot version of Game of Thrones is the latest and perhaps greatest offering from Microgaming and it does not disappoint!

So, what is so great about this slot game I hear you say! Well, first up it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a fan of the show, the books or even if your landlady happens to be one of the main characters from the TV show (which incidentally is true for me!)this slot game will appeal to all those who enjoy playing slots and casino games. It’s obviously had a great deal of work put into it and has been made to please the eye with slick graphics and all the symbolism of the TV show. As soon as it loads up you’ll be greeted by the theme tune of the show and immersed into the imaginary world of what’s his face who wrote the books – George R. R. Martin, who was featured in an episode of South Park not too long ago (if you haven’t seen it the look it up as it’s probably exactly what you’re thinking about the show).

Let’s progress to what it is that counts, and obviously that’s the features and chances of banking some major cash. We were probably extremely luck banking nearly a thousand pounds from our 5th spin on the lowest of stakes when we got three scatter symbols to active the free spins. When this happens you can choose between the 4 different houses represented in the TV show. The higher the number of free spins the lower the multiplier. Go for the higher multiplier with just the 8 free spins – this has banked us the most cash in our playing experience.
Getting two of the scatter symbols is really not too rare but the returns aren’t great, usually just your initial stake though there have been some decent wins but they’re very few and far between. We’ve also noticed that the 5th reel will practically never drop in a third scatter symbol and always leaves you hanging thinking your free spins are coming – trust us, they’re not.

Overall, Game of Thrones slot from Microgaming is a fun casino game to add to their varied collection. The only real problem we found was that it didn’t keep us captivated as some of the other slots we have played have. Probably best for a few quid and see if the bonus spins come in – if they do and you get a decent payout then keep playing, if you land up with something like a fiver after your free spins then bin the game off and look elsewhere as we have found it really can be a long time before you get a noice winning streak from this point on.

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