Global Online Gambling Not Slowing Down!

Julie Anderson, the online gambling industry expert who contributes to the VegasMaster Magazine on issues like social and cultural impacts of online gambling has mused in her latest essay that gambling laws within and between countries are so drastically different that at best they confuse the public.

Gambling from the Perspective of the World Countries

Gambling is not something, which enjoys a legal status in most parts of the world. More importantly, even within a country, while sometime casino gambling is banned, betting on sports betting is being allowed. And in a few other countries, it is vice versa with sports betting being prohibited, but casinos enjoying legal standing. So, depending on how the activity is perceived in that region, different forms of betting are being allowed and are being denied access.

The Asian Scenario

Countries in Asia, perhaps, have the strictest views about gambling. Gambling is in most instances clamped down here. In the Hong Kong region, online betting on soccer has got a legal status, while most other forms of betting including the ones at land-based casinos are strictly prohibited. But in spite of the many strict regulations, business houses in Hong Kong have found ways to bypass the system. They have come up with floating casinos where gambling is being undertaken with impunity in the precincts of international waters.

The Situation in Japan and Israel

Japan too does not favour gambling by and large, with clamp down being imposed on casino betting. But other forms of betting like scratch cards, horse racing and bicycle racing are enjoying a legal status in Japan. But in a bid to boost the economy, now the government of Japan is about to legalise casino betting.

Another Asian country with partisan views on gambling is Israel. Strict enforcement laws prevail in Israel for betting. However, the government of Israel has favoured lottery and sports betting. Another feature of Israel’s regulations is citizens can neither run online gambling ventures nor can they participate in any online betting activity.

European Regulations and Rules

Betting is an accepted activity in many parts of Europe, unlike in Asia. In particular, countries in Europe have internet gambling laws in place to regulate the fast growing online betting activities. With countries like Netherlands joining the other European countries in bringing in regulations for e-bets, betting activities are receiving a fresh impetus in the continent.

Conditions for Betting in the Rest of the Countries

Countries like Mexico and Brazil are throwing open their system to betting, while in the US, three states have legalised betting. South Africa and Singapore, however, remain etched in the past with laws prohibiting gambling. China and South Korea have been dealing with internet betting with iron hands.

What Does the Future Hold for Gambling Online?

Since gambling has gone online, governments are finding it difficult to curb activities of betting by their citizens. This has resulted in a huge growth in gambling activities across the world and the next years will turn out to be no different.

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