You have no doubt heard about the current match fixing scandal that has taken British football by storm over the last few weeks. With former Premier League players now being pulled into the investigation, it is bound to begin getting major international press coverage, which could ultimately hamper the British game and football betting as a whole.


There are many different methods that the various authorities responsible for betting could use to stamp sinister wagers out of the game but ultimately it could lead to greater exploitation and harm the average bettors experience, which should be avoided at all costs. However, what if steps were taken that would affect only the smallest of minorities but would make future match-fixers blatantly obvious?


If you have been following the story up until now you will no doubt have noticed that many of the markets that these wagers have been placed in have been extremely abstract ones; number of corners, red card within a predefined period of time, time of the first throw in and so forth. These markets are very rarely ventured into by your everyday punter but they can be easily exploited and seemingly have been for some time now.


So, why don’t we just remove them? The large majority wouldn’t even notice their absence. In fact, the only people who would be hurt would be the match fixers and the marketing departments at bookies across the company, who would then have one less set of bells and whistles to make a rachet with when trying to get one up on their competitors. This is just one of many different options that are available to the authorities and bookies but we would love to hear what you think should be done to resolve this potentially catastrophic situation, while causing as little disruption as possible.


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