Imperial Riches – Big wins bundled in clever features

NetEnt’s Imperial Riches is played across 5 reels and offers upto 15 paylines. Supported across all major platforms, NetEnt’s Imperial Riches has a playable range of 15p to £30 per spin. This online game comes with Free Falls/Spins, progressive jackpot tallies and Avalanche reels.


NetEnt’s Imperial Riches – Overview

Before we dive into a detailed look at NetEnt’s Imperial Riches, let’s take a quick look at the main game slot information:

  • Number of reels: 5
  • Payline: 15
  • Playable range: 15p to £30
  • Jackpot: Yes; progressive
  • Free Spins: Upto 20
  • Bonus Rounds: Upto 4


Visuals and reel symbols

Set in an affluent Japanese garden, Imperial Riches oozes Japanese Royalty through its visuals and background music track. 

The symbols used in this online slot game are A, K and Q suits, bamboo, golden cymbals, gold ingots and golden fish. The symbol with the highest value is the golden fish, offering upto 100 times the stake with the highest winning combination. The wild symbol is the gong and then lantern is the scatter symbol


Free Falls feature

The Free Falls feature is activated when 3 or more scatter (lantern) symbols are displayed across any of the reels. Once the feature is activated, the player can win upto 20 free spins depending on the number of scatter symbols displayed. For each free spin, the Avalanche feature is activated, offering players to achieve additional wins. 

Also, for every winning combination, the winning symbols are converted to a jewel and these jewels can be used in the Lucky Ponds Bonus Game feature.


Avalanche feature

NetEnt’s Imperial Riches comes with the Avalanche feature and it is activated randomly. Once it is activated, the active symbols of this combination disappear and the symbols located above fall down into the empty slots, offering players the chance to achieve winning combinations. 


Jackpot Game feature

This feature is activated when the jewels collected in the pond are eaten by fishes. If a coin fish eats a jewel, the player wins upto 2 times the stake, and if the bonus fish eats 3 jewels, then the player is taken to the Jackpot Game feature.

Once the player is in, then more opportunities to win big await them! The jackpots are placed as 3 progressive and 2 fixed jackpots. A Jackpot Fish indicator also fills as jewels are eaten by the Coin Fish. If the same Jackpot Fish ends up eating 3 jewels, then the player wins the Jackpot!

Since this feature is progressive, the payout amount achieved through the Jackpot feature may vary between online casinos, so that’s something to keep in mind when playing NetEnt’s Imperial Riches across different online casinos.


Video walkthrough

Now let’s take a look at NetEnt’s Imperial Riches in action. At 00:26, we see the Bamboo shoots symbols displayed across reels 1 to 4, we see the symbols disappearing and the slots getting filled by the symbol located on top. As the video progresses, we see the player accumulating wins through the scatter feature. 

Now let’s see the Bonus Game feature at play here. At 06:29, we see the two fishes swimming in the pond, and both fishes eating jewels that fall into the pond. As the meter fills up on the silver fish, the player is taken to the bonus game feature and here, we see multiple fishes swimming in the pond and feeding on jewels falling into the pond. Towards the end of the video (at 12:27), we see the player winning the bonus game feature.


Closing thoughts

Thanks to the Avalanche and the Free Falls feature, NetEnt’s Imperial Riches offers more than it promises. On paper, the online slot game looks simple in terms of features, but due to it’s clever implementation of the features, Imperial Riches offers a fun way to win big.


So what did you think of NetEnt’s Imperial Riches? Let us know in the comments below.

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