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You may be very surprised to learn that online casinos have been around since 1994, however back in those early days of online gambling the range of casino games was strictly limited and the technology available in the early 1990’s was such that the games were rather basic in their design and nowhere near as technically advanced as they are today.

However, if you are looking to play absolutely any type of casino games at an internet casino nowadays you are going to have the choice of thousands of different casino sites offering you a huge and ever growing range of casino games.

There are some very good internet casinos that are fully licensed and regulated and it is of course those casinos you should be signing up to and playing at, as you will always be assured of those sites adhering to the highest of industry standards.

How to Select an Internet Casino at Which to Play

To help you pick out an internet casino that is going to be giving you the ultimate online gaming experience we have compiled a special checklist below.

Make sure you read through that checklist, then when you are looking at what each casino site you checkout has on offer to players make sure those you do sign up to offer everything in the following list as by doing so you will never experience any problems!

Certified Fair Games – Imagine how you would feel if you found out you had been playing rigged casino games with your hard earned money. As the internet is such an anonymous place these days you really do run the risk of playing less that random casino games if you do not carefully select just which casino site to sign up to and play at.

All of the casinos we have chosen to list on this website are all licensed and regulated and every single game offered to players at those sites have all been independently certified as being 100% fair and 100% random, so you can play with complete confidence!

Generous Comp Club – When playing any casino game online in a real money playing environment you will want to be rewarded for your gaming action, and with that in mind please ensure the internet casino you do end up playing at have a generous casino comp club that will give you the maximum rewards based on your level of real money gaming action.

Diverse Range of Games – Most internet casino sites have hundreds of different casino games available, and with that in mind never waste your time signing up to a casino that has only a small limit number of games available, a you will soon get bored of playing the same games over and over again!

Also be aware that all of our top rated online internet casinos have brand new games going live every single month of the year, and when you make the smart decision of signing up to one of those sites you will therefore find plenty of unique and never seen before games being made available to you!

Daily Promotional Offers – Internet casinos face some very stiff competition these days due to the sheer number of different casino sites available. That does of course mean that as a player you have a huge plethora of different promotional offers you can pick and choose from.

To allow you to get plenty of additional playing value we would suggest you sign up to casinos that have a range of daily promotional offers, as many of those offers will be of interest to you and will give you much longer gaming sessions when you make use of them!

Casino Game Tournaments – Look out for casino sites that offer a range of free to enter and low entry fee casino game tournaments, as you can get some extended gambling sessions and lots of additional fun and winning opportunities when you take part in those tournaments.

Fast Winning Payouts – There are some internet casinos that will force your withdrawals to sit in a pending state for anything up to 4 days or even longer before those winnings will be processed and sent back to you!

Those casinos should be avoided as you will always have the temptation of reversing your winnings back into your casino account and by continuing to play on you could lose them all! So pick out a casino that will pay you out instantly or within 24 hours of you requesting a withdrawal.


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