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kualo-logoFounded in 2000, Kualo is a web hosting company that is one of the leading firms for reseller hosting. It quickly found a footing in the market and soon was able to offer complete hosting solutions for the smallest home users to businesses who require hosting a large number of websites on their servers. Always at the forefront of technology, Kualo offers the best level of services at affordable rates.

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There are a lot of reasons why customers choose and are happy with the services provided at Kualo. If you’re also considering Kualo as you web hosting provider, then you also need to know why it’s quite popular.

Trusted and an Experienced Brand

Been in the business for more than a decade now and serving over 30,000 websites across the world, Kualo has happy and satisfied clients. They have a professional, professional and caring staff who are always ready to assist and help their clients whenever required.


Perhaps one of the most important criteria for choosing a web hosting provider is their prices. You’ll not have a problem deciding on Kualo regarding this as they are one of the most affordable hosting companies around. They may not be the cheapest around, but if you were to compare their prices and the hosting features that are offered, you’ll realise they are value for money.

They are Honest

They value integrity and wish to become a company that you can depend on as well as trust them. They are extremely upfront about their prices and what services and products they offer. So, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. There are no hidden fees.

Develop a Personal Relationship

Kualo believes in developing a personal and friendly relationship with their clients. They will not treat you like just any other number. They’ll treat you as a friend and take a keen interest in your business. As you grow, they’ll be able to understand your growing requirements and serve you accordingly.


Kualo is very dedicated towards their clients. They are there 24 hours a day monitoring the networks and ensuring that no major issues arise. Their team works round-the-clock all the days of the year. So, you can be rest assured that your website will be up and running even when you’re not paying attention to it.

They are Fast

They have extremely fast network speeds. Their customer support team is equally fast and not only respond but also resolve your queries very quickly.

They are Secure

When you’re hosting your websites with any hosting company, you need to ensure that they are very serious about their security. With Kualo’s security, your websites will not be prone to any virus attacks or spams. They have a custom built server and their security system can deploy major security patches and lock down all servers across the world in a few minutes. In simple words, they are fanatics about their security.

They are Scalable

Their full range of services and products ensures that they cater to all kinds of customers. If you grow from hosting just a single website to offering full-blown hosting solutions through their reseller hosting service, then they grow along with you providing all the support you need.

They are Accommodating

If you’re not happy with your current web hosting provider, you can very easily switch over to Kualo. In fact, they are also willing to give you six extra months of free hosting the moment you cancel your subscription plan with your current hosting provider and move to Kualo’s hosting services.

Kualo guarantees 99.9% uptime, support response time within an hour and a 60-day money back guarantee. Their hosting is powered by energy that’s 100% renewable and they have a data centre that’s highly efficient. You can choose your server location very easily between the US and the UK. They have three web hosting plans-Personal, Business and MultiSite. Their plans start from only £1.79 per month. With a number of standard features included in all the three plans, you can select the one that works best for you. You’ll get up to unlimited web space, monthly traffic, email accounts, databases and websites. All the plans are CloudFlare enabled and include free domain, free SEO, and green hosting as well.

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