Gambling enthusiasts enjoy ‘in play’ betting because this offers them plenty of opportunities to make a tidy profit and have a great deal of fun at the same time. Most unfortunately, live sports betting is prohibited in the United States ostensibly to protect sports from the influence of betting. However, the illegal wagering business is flourishing and it is worth billions of dollars, all of it unregulated. It is permitted in Australia, but with so many restrictions that betting seems pointless. On the other hand, live sports wagering is permitted in many European countries.

Betfair is one of the best betting platforms in the business and it offers a wide range of wagering options to punters eager to make some money. The betting exchange offers large numbers of markets every day and its live betting section is also very large. It is possible to make money both by Backing and Laying, since someone or the other will make money on a wager.

Experienced gamblers know how to earn money from trading on Betfair. Since the market fluctuates all the time, participants can trade the movements of various prices in the same way that stock traders operate. Betfair’s services attract a commission, but this is a very reasonable amount and people come to trade on the site in ever increasing numbers.

Another company that offers live betting is Pinnacle Sports. This is a conventional bookmaker where conventional sports betting is offered. Punters get to place bets on sporting events using lines that are updated as the game progresses, with new prices being offered whenever there is a scheduled break in the play. The commission for live sports betting tends to be higher than normal because bookmakers have to put in extra effort to calculate the odds.

As you can see, there are quite a few opportunities for making a good living from live sports betting irrespective of which type of betting you opt for. You do need to keep the fundamentals of any kind of speculative trading in mind when you start.

  • You need to start by doing a great deal of planning, and this includes studying your subject with a lot of care. Most sports betting websites will provide you with information about sports statistics so that you can make highly accurate decisions.
  • It is necessary to have a lot of discipline when gambling or else you will make a lot of costly mistakes. It is never a good idea to gamble excessively or get emotionally involved with trades because this leads one to make the wrong decisions.
  • Gambling should always be done with a strategy firmly in place. There is very little element of luck in sports betting, which is what makes it so exciting. In fact, it is completely the opposite of lotteries because they are based entirely on luck and there is no planning or strategy required.

It is best to get into sports betting in a small way and increase your exposure as you build up experience.

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