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Best Selling Store: Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer are one of the most leading retail stores of the UK. It deals in great value clothing and high quality food products worldwide.

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Marks and Spencer is a well known British multinational in retail industry also known as M&S. In 1884, it was founded by Michael Marks and Thomas Spencer in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It has its main headquarters in Westminster, London, England. In 1903, M&A was registered as a firm.  According to 2010 status, M&A has 703 stores in UK and 361 stores across the countries.  M&A has a philosophy of starting that customers are always and completely right in all respects.

They have more than 78,000 employees in the UK and other countries. They tremendously expand their business all around the world. Its major clothing retail competitors are Gap and Zara in UK.


In 1984, the first Marks and Spencer store was inaugurated in Manchester. It was a partnership firm between the two Marks of Poland and Spencer from Yorkshire. It is the 43rd largest retailer of clothing and quality food.

In 1998, M&S they formed a pre-tax profit of GBP 1 billion. They are also listed on the London Stock Exchange. Marks and Spencer are one the most consistent companies in making profits. In 2008 it was declared on the 17th position in the list of top 100 employer’s worldwide. Since then it expanded into luxury items like furniture, technology and housewares.

Services Offered

Marks and Spencer offers a wide range and high quality of products in major areas such as:

Clothing: M&A is the best brand for women wear, menswear and lingerie. They are the largest sellers of UK retail stores. They offer best quality, great value and most innovative and latest trends for all age groups.

Food: Marks and Spencer provide the widest range of food products fresh as well as preserved. They have a great collection of all sorts of wines and prepared meal packages.

Primary Functions of M&A

The major functions related to Marks and Spencer includes marketing, sales, human resources, finance, design , production and administration, research & development. It is also into other services such as corporate gifting which is very much in trend nowadays.

Marks and Spencer has positioned itself as a giant of clothing with quality and relaxation. It mainly focuses on the quality and comfort of its customers. It has its competitors worldwide but M&A has reached at the top with his strategic and direct marketing.


Target and Road Ahead

Marks and Spencer aims to become the worldwide sustainable retailer. To make this a reality M&A has introduced Plan A which comprises of five factors such as sustainable raw material, climate change, fair partnership, health and waste. They always aim to become more reliable and most traded retailers. They are constantly acting on to improve and maintain their position in the international market.


The overall performance of the company results in the brand loyalty of its customers and increasing visitors in the store day by day. It has become the most likely stores visited by the public by UK every week.

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