The thriving online betting industry has received a major fillip with the advent of smart phones. Just as the boom was witnessed in betting when internet had made it convenient to bet online, now the popularisation of smart phones has come in very handy for bettors resulting in quantum jump in betting activities. It is therefore, anticipated that over the next couple of years, a very steep growth in online betting is imminent.

Mobile Betting on Smart Phones

With smart phones ruling the market, every seller is orienting his business and making it friendly to the device. With almost every activity of the user now being centred on the smart phones, companies are appropriately modifying and upgrading their facilities. In fact, a frenzied activity is witnessed among various businesses to develop and promote their mobile apps so as to ensure that they are not left behind in the race. Among other businesses, online sports betting is very conspicuously making a splash on the mobile platform.

Emerging Trends in Sports Betting

Mobile betting has largely helped bettors access betting avenues, which were not easily available earlier to them due to restrictions and regulations imposed by state channels. But now, both the bettors as well as betting service providers seem to be enjoying the new found freedom to carry out their activities in an unrestricted way. With this awareness, online betting providers are sprucing up their business in such a way as to fully benefit from the development.

Advantages for Users in Mobile Betting

Since the sports betting scenario is highly volatile with shifting pace of dynamics, it results in frequent changes in betting odds for bettors. The convenient way of following the odds and not missing out on any development is to be close to the scene of action. Smart phones are proving to be a great source to bettors in this endeavour. Hence, smart phones are very quickly replacing other sources as the preferred platform for all betting activities now.

A New Set of Users

In addition to luring the traditional bettors who had been betting on online games and sports, smart phones have brought in new generation bettors. While a new set of eligible bettors are participating in sports betting activities with easy access provided by smart phones, disturbing trend perhaps is that those not eligible to bet too are very active in mobile betting. Since there is virtually no proven way to screen the users based on age, increasingly, even under-aged persons are becoming a part of mobile sports betting by providing false info about their ages.

Mobile Betting in the Future

Since it is to be conceded that the growth of mobile betting would be impossible to be either restricted or curbed, along with the manifold increase in sports betting, many modifications are also anticipated in the industry. Software designers are working overtime to bring the bettors a more fulfilling experience, while also ensuring their security. Whatever irritant remains now for users in sports betting are likely to be rectified too.

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