Balancing Life & Poker

This is something I was struggling for a long time – balancing my personal life and poker. It went as far as being completely lost in life and having no other direction than having poker. You lose the taste and fun that living actually provides and all you think about is playing. Well, your game also has a negative impact from this.

The best way to approach poker is like a job, even if you have to play during night. Have a set time for playing in hours and also devote some daily time for analyzing the hands you have played. Once the time has passed, your poker grind has done the same and you can move on to other activities in life.

Joining a gym is also a great idea, as poker involves spending long times in front of your computer or at a table in land based casino. It won’t take long before you’ll gain a belly and your back will start to kill you.

I hope that this article was useful to you and it gave some insight into what’s the life of a poker player. It’s nowhere near easy to pursue a life like that, but I can honestly say that the freedom and possibilities you gain are amazing and one of a kind. Good luck!

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