MTG Acquires 74% of Turtle Entertainment!

Multifold increase in volume of business in electronic games over the last few years has resulted in big business conglomerates getting interested in this sector.

Understanding the huge potential to profit from the industry, various business groups including start-ups have made forays into electronic games.

The successful ventures are now being eyed by big corporate companies for mergers and acquisitions.

The Market Leaders

One of the earliest eSports companies, ESL was founded in the year 2000. The Cologne based company also operates from its offices in the US.

ESL is famed for offering over 20 games and for sponsoring highly popular leagues and tournaments.

The proud CEO of ESL, Ralf Reichart is happiness personified at the world wide popularity enjoyed by the company.

Reichart further confesses that parleys for merger and acquisition with a befittingly stronger group were being conducted for over a year now.

The MTG-ESL Match

ESL CEO candidly says that to take the company to the next level, monumental investments were needed.

And since the best way for bringing in this investment, while also piggy riding on the platform of the investor is to sell shares of the company, ESL has off-loaded 74% of its shares to Modern Times Group (MTG), the leading media house of Sweden.

Since two likeminded companies with spheres of influences in totally different countries are coming together, the move transpires to be a win-win situation for both.

MTG Taking a Lion’s Share

ESL, frankly does not mind in offloading majority shares to Modern Times Group, as this Swedish company has a successful run in over 100 countries and has a very strong distribution network as well as a production base.

Interestingly while ESL has a strong presence in the UK, France, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain and US, MTG is a market leader in Bulgaria, North Africa, Czech and Scandinavian countries.

Hence, the acquisition is opening the vistas for ESL to many more countries and is making it truly a global entity.

Envisaging Big

MTG President, Lindemann is excited about the acquisition, since everyone believes that sky is the limit for electronic games.

Lindemann foresees percentage of gamers over the next couple of years to skyrocket to unimaginable proportions.

And to be well equipped for the future market, the acquisition is in the best interest of both ESL and MTG.

The ESL Advantage

Visionaries behind the success of ESL had drawn out a precise road map for the company, right from its inception, which has brought the company to where it is today.

ESL has worked in partnership with several leading game companies like Riot Games and Blizzard Entertainment from time to time to facilitate its players to try out the new games and benefit.

Now ESL’s partnership with MTG is likely to enhance its quality of production, thanks to the superior know-how and expertise MTG possess in this area.

No Reshuffle at ESL

Unlike many acquisitions, which see drastic changes in the management team, MTG has decided not to disturb the ESL team at all!

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