NBA Finals is the Most Awaited Event! Interestingly, It Has Thrown Up Some Fascinating Odds!

Going by the odds offered on them, the Golden State Warriors are without doubt the favourites to win the ongoing NBA championships.

While tickets at Oakland’s Oracle Arena have been sold out in anticipation of a well fought game, there’s also a great deal of money riding on the outcome with punters putting up a lot of money.

The Cleveland Cavaliers, on the other hand, are not the punter’ favourites and LeBron James’ fifth straight NBA final isn’t really getting the team a lot of love from the punters.

The line-up featured by the Warriors seems to have met the approval of fans and punters alike, going by the way in which the odds of them winning have improved.

The head injury faced by Klay Thompson and the subsequent concussion he suffered in the fifth Game of the Western Conference Finals doesn’t seem to have diminished enthusiasm for the team.

Further, Stephen Curry, and not LeBron may be selected as MVP.

The overall effectiveness of the Cleveland Cavaliers is also in question thanks to injuries sustained by point guard Kyrie Irving and power forward Kevin Love.

According to, the odds of the Golden State Warriors sweeping five games are +280. The Warriors have also been given odds of +320 to win all seven games.

Bet Online seems to have the maximum confidence in the Warriors and they have set the odds of them winning five games at +350.

Interestingly, they have given the same odds for a win in seven games. According to Bovada as well, the Warriors are most likely to win seven games with 13/5 odds.

While it is clear that most sports books expect Golden State to win Games 5 and 7, there is some doubt over Game 6 since the Cavaliers might have an advantage then; after all, that game will be played in Cleveland where the team will most likely benefit from a home-court advantage.

Even so, punters would do well to remember that LeBron James is hardly invincible in front of a home crowd.

He may be the best player in the world, but he has been part of a team that lost the NBA final game at home.

There’s not a lot of support for the Cavaliers sweeping the games. The odds of them winning four games back to back are not very good and they start at +1200 and go all the way to +2200.

The last time that there was a sweep in the NBA was in 2007 when the San Antonio Spurs won against the Cavaliers.

As a matter of fact, many sportsbooks are expecting the series to be a very one-sided one.

Bovada has offered +160 odds for the series not lasting up to Game 6.

In the last six NBA finals, only two finals managed to go beyond six games.

It is fairly clear for anyone to see that the winds are blowing in favour of the Golden Gate Warriors; the way things stand they’ll have to really make a lot of mistakes to let the Cavaliers win!

Update: The Warriors managed to bring back the trophy in the NBA finals. This is their first win since 1975. In a surprise turn of events, NBA named Andre Iguodala as the Finals Most Valuable Player. Neither Curry nor James managed to get their MVP titles back!

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