One of the reasons for the enduring success of the online gaming industry and its steady growth rate is the industry’s adoption of new technologies and ways of working. The business is very quick to recognise new trends and to make course corrections accordingly.

One of the biggest concerns it faces is that the younger generation of players is reluctant to play slot games, and this is indeed worrisome because slots make up a big chunk of revenues from online casinos. Inventor Darryl Rosenblatt has a very interesting idea that might just go a long way in getting millennials to play slots more frequently than they do at present.

Customised Images to Attract Millenials

Rosenblatt’s idea is to embed slot games with customised images to the tastes and preferences of individual players. His company, Scrappy Elegant Gaming, had developed the idea and its underlying technology known as the Personalized Electronic Gaming Experience. His company also developed a slot machine interface known as Real Reels for which a patent was filed in June 2014. The gaming software innovator finally received the patent late last year and is now eager to sell his concept to manufacturers of slots games. He is convinced that they will be eager to use his invention in their own games so that players find them more appealing.

Customised Images: Rosenblatt’s Technology

Once people experience games that use Rosenblatt’s technology they are sure to prefer them above all others. How it works is very simple. Players will have to download a smartphone app so that they can link via Bluetooth to a game enabled with Personalised Electronic Gaming Experience.

Next, they can transfer their favourite images to the game, and do the same with sound clips. The game will then play with the customer’s preferred images such as pictures of loved ones, pets or favourite locations. It can also play chosen sound tracks instead of the ones created by its developers. It’s clear to see that people would prefer these types of games because of the immense flexibility and customisation they offer.

Real Reels and Customised Images

Real Reels also makes a huge difference to the bonus rounds of slot games. The app will contact the player’s Instagram and Facebook friends requesting them to download the app. Then they can play social games that help them advise the player on what to do in the bonus rounds. This will be immensely popular since players already spend a lot of time interacting with their friends on social media.

Rosenblatt’s Take on Customised Images in Casino Games

Rosenblatt is of the opinion that gaming software design companies can benefit a lot from using this concept. Many companies typically spend huge amounts of money to develop slot games. More so, when they have to use licensed images from movies and comics. These games are no doubt very popular but people will also enjoy playing games that have customized images. Developers will be able to save quite a bit of money by using this interface. They won’t be bothered by branding. The social presence of these games will also get them additional customers without the casino having to do much marketing.

Real Reels will not be able to influence the game play or any other important feature of the game. Furthermore, the social games that the players friends participate in won’t have any bearing on the actual game. Rosenblatt does not anticipate any regulatory issues but the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s chairman A.G. Burnett is not entirely convinced. Rosenblatt will therefore have to get the legalities of the technology cleared. Real Reels is definitely an idea worth looking out for if it can bring in more customers for the industry.

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