The world of sports gambling is not without its controversies. A new research has detected that there has been a considerable rise in online gambling activity. A surprise factor emerging from the study also revealed that there has been a fall in the number of Australians engaging in online betting. From a larger figure of 82% in 1999, there has been a considerable fall in the number of people in Australia engaged in playing on online gaming sites.

Researchers at the Southern Cross University of New South Wales in Australia have concurred that there has been a huge spurt in online sports gambling, almost by 15 years in a short span of only five years. A new trend emerging out of the study indicated that a large number of people are flocking to the new-age lure of online gambling. It is estimated that around 52% of gamers fall into the online category as compared to others who prefer to stake bets at the land-based slot machines. A worrisome aspect of this study also suggests that a larger number of youngsters are ready to part with money in order to test their luck online.

A typical look into the present online gambler suggests that they tend to be largely male and are younger in age. They fit into the higher education slot as they are qualified with university degrees. They are likely to come from a comparatively higher socio-economic bracket and likely to have access to the internet at their place of work or home. It was further deduced that the dangers of online gambling are far deeper as the duration of online gambling schedules lasts longer and online gamblers are also likely to engage in increasing number of online games. There is no fear of anyone coming to know of one’s gambling habits as they can continue doing so in the in the privacy of their home. It is largely contended that a huge advertising blitzkrieg deployed for online sports betting has led to the present gambling problem.

A new culprit has emerged in the form of social media like Twitter and Facebook, which is encouraging the use of simulated gaming. The danger of this kind of gaming technique is particularly appalling for children who are increasingly falling prey to it and enjoying it. Since it is not subject to regulatory standards like a gambling game, there is no random determination of pay-outs. There is also the chance of a spill over effect with children carrying the after-effects of the online game into the real world, which can have devastating consequences. Researchers are increasingly concerned with the rising trend of gambling companies purchasing simulated gaming sites.

If this trend is not checked and arrested in time, then it can have disastrous effects on the social and mental health of a society and country. Children, at large, should be taught about the ill-effects of playing these games and should be desisted from playing these games. Every responsible constituent of a vibrant society should play its role in discouraging the proliferation of these games.

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