With betting going online, sports betting, like all other forms of betting has now become very convenient for the speculators. This has obviously seen a big jump in the rate of betting now. Expert analysts on betting further opine that no other month of the year has as much betting as in October. Nugget Casino resort’s Vice President of Gaming Operations, Eric Dale further feels that October is a very special month for baseball as far as the bettors are concerned. With knock out rounds due in October, the interest of fans to express their support to their favourite teams and bet on them increases.

Reasons for Increase in Quantum of Betting

As far as baseball is concerned, it is in October that the top eight teams of the Major League Baseball surface. It is not surprising, therefore, to see the increased intensity in betting as the League draws towards the business end of the competition. With only four games slated to be played between the teams on a night, the betting multiplies several times according to Dale. And to prove him right, it was witnessed on the eve of the match between Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers, bettors were very active right from the afternoon of the match.

Major Sporting Activities Roll Out

Another important factor why October sees a spurt of activity in sports betting is that it is the month when fans have an opportunity to watch and bet on all their favourite games. Starting from baseball, football, hockey to preseason basketball, there is no lull in sporting activity and tourneys. This is, therefore, party time for the bettors as they weigh in all their options to mix and match their bets and wager on their favourite sports.

Impact of Football on Betting

For ages, football has remained the most favoured game of the world with an unmatched fan following literally from every corner of the globe. So, it is not surprising to see a big rush to sports books when football matches are slated. The incidence of heavy betting are not isolated ones either. What’s more is that, not only big matches like that of Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texas get the attention of the football freaks, but also they go to any lengths to bet even on college football matches, since the game is followed with such passion at all levels. With live telecast of NFL matches available, fans are not bereft of action at any point of time and have their hands full all seven days of the week.

For More Fun and Empathy

With die-hard football fans following matches of all types from all available media sources, fans have now found out a way to be part of the action as well as to entertain themselves thoroughly during football matches. This is by placing bets on the matches. By wagering on results and other aspects of the matches, fans feel that the games have moved to a different level altogether.

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