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The main attraction of betting online is that you will be able to seamlessly look around various different betting sites and compare the range of odds available, and as such you can then locate the best value betting opportunities and place your chosen bets and wagers instantly.

We have several bookmakers to introduce to you all of which you will find listed and showcased on this section of our website, and we would advise you to take a good look through our online bookmaker reviews as by doing so you will then find out what unique features and unique benefits will be coming your way if you do decide to join up to any of those betting sites.

In fact, as a punter you may have your own personal preferences in regards to what you are looking for being offered to you from any online bookmakers site you sign up to, however there are a set in stone set of factors that no matter what you intend to bet on you should ensure any site you do become a member of offers you.

What Makes an Online Bookmaker a First Class Betting Site?

Below as part of our ongoing series of unique betting and gambling guides you will find a checklist of minimum requirements that you should be demanding from any online betting site and bookmakers you do end up joining.

First past the post – If you are betting on a horse race, if the horse you have selected to win does go on to win a race then you will never want to experience having you horse being disqualified from first place due to a Stewards Enquiry or an Objection.

With that in mind make sure you sign up to a betting site that offers a first past the post rule, which will see any winning bet that does contain a horse disqualified from first place still being classed as a winning bet!

No Rule 4 – Many online bookmakers have now done away with some of the lower valued rule 4 deductions that can affect your winning payouts when one or more horses have been withdrawn from a race and a new market has not been put into place. Once again those betting sites offering no low valued or even high valued rule 4 deductions should be the ones you sign up to and bet at.

Ante Post Odds – Some of the best valued bets on horse racing or any sporting event can be had if you take a long term view on those betting events, and as such do look out for an online bookmaker that offers lots of ante post betting opportunities.

You will often find you can place bets and wagers on a range of different betting events months in advance, and by placing your bets so early you can often secure the very highest valued odds on your selections.

Early Prices – If you are an early bird who likes to plan all of your days bets and wagers first thing in the morning then you can often secure some enhanced betting odd by making use of an online bookmakers set of early prices. Many of the larger betting sites now offer a full selection of early prices on all of the days betting opportunities.

Multiple Bet Types – Perming lots of different selections together in a range of multiple bets is another thing many punters like to do, and you may be a fan of placing those types of bets too.

We are pleased to announce that many of our featured and top rated online bookmakers will be offering you a large range of multiple bets and wagers on which a set of bonus payouts can be awarded to you, depending on how many of your permed together selections are winning ones.

Enhanced Odds Races – One final thing to be aware of if you like betting on horse races being held anywhere in the world is that every day each of our featured and approved online bookmakers have a set number of what are known as enhanced odds races.

By taking a look through the betting platforms and betting markets you will often find a large number of the horses running in those selected races have had their odds increased in value. Be aware though the amount of time you have to secure those enhanced odds will be limited, so make sure you place those enhanced odds bets nice and early to secure the best and highest odds possible.


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