Online Sports Betting Terms You Should Know About!

The option of plenty can confuse anyone. Same goes with punters who bet on sports. Since the dawn of the Internet, there are numerous websites offering betting options that deciding on any one is a major task. A sports’ investor faces a tough challenge of deciding on the type of bet they want to place.

There are many betting options that you can choose from. We tell you the types of betting options that are available and what are the advantages and drawbacks of each. These betting options are mostly available on all the online sports bookmakers’ websites.

Win Betting

Win betting can be considered as the most simple and easy type of betting proposition. Let’s take an example of the Boston Celtics playing with the Chicago Bulls. Now, you could either bet on the Chicago Bulls or the Boston Celtics.

You can place wagers on the selected team and then see if you’ve won or not. There are no complications attached. There is no disadvantage attached to this type of betting. It only requires your wit and luck.

Pointspread Betting

This type of betting is also known as handicap or line betting. It is quite common in America. It is always played with a neck and neck competition. Once you handicap the two teams, you need to make sure you have an evens situation. This kind of betting can be beneficial to you if you make the right choices. You can win twice as much.

Let’s look at an example to understand pointspread betting better.

Team A: -12.5 points, paying $1.91

Team B: +12.5 points, paying $1.91

The team with an advantage is Team A as it has -12.5 points. They need to win by 12 points to cover the bet. In the same way for Team B, they need to lose 12 points to get the cover.

Parlay Betting

A parlay means to come together. So naturally, in this form of betting, two or more outcomes come together to place the final bet. These kinds of bets have higher chances of rewards. But if one of the outcomes does not pay out, then the bet becomes a loss. This game might come across as unappealing, but chances of winning are quite high.

Totals Betting

This is a popular bet that takes into account a wager that accumulates the totals of both the games that you have played. This kind of betting is very popular in NBA, NFL or MLB. Information and opinions that concern the offensive or the defensive match-ups or the game tempo can all lead to an ‘over’ or an ‘under’ bet situation. A smart gaming strategy can make you win double the amount you invested in the first place.

Proposition Betting

This kind of betting is a little complicated where a bet is placed taking into account several minor propositions that make the game. It is best suited for the Super Bowl. You have to be careful about the kind of market you are choosing. Also keep the margins in mind.

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