Valery Bollier, CEO of Oulala Games Ltd. examines the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) market from a vantage position and his comments are of great interest to anyone who wishes to learn more about the industry. Oulala Games was founded in 2013 and it initially offered free gaming because it wasn’t a good idea to copy the US model in its entirety. In fact, the company’s objective was to ensure that customers in Europe were familiar with this particular style of gaming. Oulala is one of the many companies jockeying to enter the DFS market in Europe and it is absolutely ready for business now that its newly monetised website is ready for operation. Oulala expects its platform to be very popular with online gamblers since it is the first one to permit real-time changes to be made to the games as they are in progress.

European DFS Sports Differs Greatly from the US Version

There are many differences, but the one that comes first to mind is that the sports played in each continent are vastly different. While American football takes prime position in DFS, other sports such as basketball and hockey also have lots of takers. Europeans, on the other hand, prefer to bet on soccer almost exclusively when it comes to DFS. The other difference is that Europe is a heterogeneous market on account of the different languages and currencies being used.

Football fans in the UK can be counted on to take to DFS in a big way even though they are already able to bet on sports legally, unlike the situation in the United States. As a matter of fact, many European countries have already included the option for fantasy sports in their internet-based gaming licences. These countries have placed fantasy sports in the same category of gambling as horse racing and sports wagering.

The UK already has six million people playing fantasy football for free on a regular basis. Once the industry gets monetised, then even more people will join in because this is a great way to have fun and earn some money at the same time. Another reason why lots of Europeans are expected to switch to DFS betting for money is that the availability of detailed sports statistics increases their chances of earning more money. Obviously, bookmakers have to ensure that they do not price their products in such a manner that clients lose interest due to not being able to earn enough money. There is also a social element to betting on fantasy sports, and this is another factor that will ensure its growing popularity over conventional sports betting.

Since it is inevitable that sports bettors will shift to daily fantasy sports betting, bookmakers should offer this service without delay or else they risk losing their customer base. Oulala intends to offer companies a simple way to enter this market as quickly as possible in order to steal a march over their competitors. The company is also set to offer its products in Australasia in the near future.

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