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Partypoker – The monster poker site

Playing poker online has never been better. With so many sites to choose from, users have everything to win, as each site offers attractive cash prizes and bonuses to attract players. However alluring the bonus may be, the quality of the games and experience are what decides how good a site is. With one of the biggest rooms and largest player action at any given time, PartyPoker is an exceptional site for all your poker needs. If its outstanding marketing efforts haven’t got your attention, customer reviews surely will. The website is clean and functional, making it easy to navigate and look around. PartyPoker provides a series of filters so that your favourite games pop us each time you visit the site. It is one of the best online poker sites today with great support and reliable poker rooms.

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The competition here is quite soft, and this greatly increasing your chances of winning. The traffic is always high; hence you can play whatever stakes you like. It also gives you the option to multi table at higher limits. Most players play a loose game so if you are just looking for fun, this is the place for you.

Features to rivet you

Apart from a simple and easy to use interface, there are a couple of cool features on PartyPoker’s website for your convenience. Its “fold to any bet” feature helps you to check or fold at a go when you are playing at multiple tables. The “Check/fold”, “Call the BB”or “Raise/Bet” can be selected before the flop and prior to your turn. It is relatively easy to begin playing at the tables. Just give your name, password and email for playing at the free tables. To play at the money tables, fill out your address and credit card information.

Guiding you to play better

As a player you are aware of the fact that poker is best learned through practice. PartyPoker website offers two great features to help you become a better player. The PartyPoker School is basically a compilation of articles which teach you the basics of poker.  For a beginner, it is a great source of information and tips. Topics covered include Basic Poker Rules, Betting Rules, Poker Tips, Buy-ins and Table Stakes. The second feature implemented by PartyPoker is the PartyAcademy. This is the practical version of the school where you practice what you have learnt. There are a wide variety of videos and hand examples to offer demonstrations. It also offers free poker lessons as well as quizzes to help you check where you stand.

Follow the money

For all new customers, PartyPoker offers a fantastic bonus of up to $500! It is easy to clear and a great way to get you started. Their other rewards and bonus schemes are equally interesting and generous. Its promotion schemes are updated every month with something new to look forward to. So that you don’t miss anything, promotion updates are mailed to members regularly. Its VIP program offers exciting reward systems and bonuses. You can accumulate points every time you play and trade them for real money at PartyPoker store. It has status levels decided by the number of points per month. Cash options and bonuses improve as your status increases.

The poker candy store

With one of the largest array of poker games, you will never get tired of new things to try. PartyPoker’s cash game limits cover all ranges for all types of players. From popular games such as Texas Hold’em and Omaha, they have Stud, Razz, Blackjack and no limit games as well. It offers its own speed poker variant as well, called FastForward Poker. PartyPoker tournaments run 24 hours a day and have great prize pools and game variants.

New and improved software support

PartyPoker has been striving very hard to improve in every department to cater to customers. It recently had a major software redesign which has added a lot of new features. These include live- action preview, customized player images, a quick-seat feature and enhanced multi- tabling options. Multi tabling is a wonderful feature enabling up to 20 table support. They have also added exclusive client for Mac and Linux players.

Stay secure with us

They pride themselves on usage of highest levels of encryption for all online transactions. All financial transactions are done according to standards of international banking community. Each player can hold just one account, with a unique username and password. For any security issues, their staff is available 24 hours, 7 days a week to offer assistance. As one of the largest and most well run poker sites on the internet, PartyPoker promises to enrich your online poker experience.

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