Phil Mickelson and The Illegal Gambling Controversy

Phil Mickelson, an American professional golfer recently made news by transferring $2.75 million to the operation of illegal gambling.

The facts of a report reveal that he transferred this huge amount to the man involved in illicit gambling.

Although, he is not going under any investigation and is not facing any charges, the debate is still on.

Details of the Transfer

According to the documents of the court, Phil was in touch with Gregory Silveira who was acting as a link for a gambling operation.

The transferred amount is seen as Phil’s encouragement to illegal online gambling.

Silveira was recorded to transfer the amount thrice between his accounts due to which he has reached a plea agreement to money laundering.

It is to be noted that Phil’s name is nowhere to be seen in any court documents. However, the original documents did make it clear that the gambling client was Phil Mickelson only.

Views of Lester Munson

Until date, the popular golf player has not become a part of any severe investigations and it is expected not to change, according to ESPN legal analyst, Lester Munson.

In the coming days also, the player is not expected to be held under any investigations and enquiries.

In the words of Munson, the federal gambling laws are aimed only at the gambling companies, but not at the actual bettors.

Thus, it is clear to conclude that Phil should not be held accountable for any crime according to the laws.

The analyst adds by saying that the player must have been charged with some sort of conspiracy and is defamed without any concrete proofs.

He should not be considered guilty until his crime is proven. Munson is that one person who has stood with the player throughout the case and is supporting him until now.

Phil’s Gambling Interests

Among all the debates and court sessions, it is a very surprising fact that the news of Phil’s links with gambling operation is nothing new for the media.

According to the reports of OTL, Mickelson has been seen winning giant amounts earlier on sporting events taking place in Las Vegas.

The golf player has remained a part of this since years, whether it is a bet with a patron or with the other players at the time of practice rounds.

Phil always manages to find some or the other way to place a bet and earn money through it.


It does not seem that Phil will face any kind of charges and penalties as his illegal action has not been backed by any solid proof yet.

However, the fact that player has hit the news for the second time cannot be denied.

Years back, he became a part of the FBI investigation in to insider trading and today he is called as the ‘gambling client’.

The court is still looking into the matter and probing into the fact of transferring $2.75 million.

His fans are sitting with their fingers crossed hoping that their favourite golf player is innocent!

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