PKR Review

PKR Review:  Fascinating World of Online Poker

PKR is an online gambling portal, based in Alderney, United Kingdom. The amazing getup of the site facilitates users to enjoy poker in a virtual-reality setting. PKR uses 3D graphics and attractive player animation at the time of poker play. The character of all users can be customized. Customized body language, chip tricks, expressions and poker tells can be utilized in order to make the game more realistic.

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Interesting history of PKR

The fascinating poker forum of PKR was launched in June, 2006 and founded by Jez San. As of November, 2012, more than five million users were active at the site. A record has been set by PKR, which is marked by the simultaneous participation of 15,000 users. In the year 2007, an agreement was signed between Playtech and PKR, over which Playtech became the official provider of casino software to PKR. US-based players were barred by PKR in response to ban on online gambling imposed by US Government. This largely reduced the number of users at PKR. As of 2009, PKR recorded over 40,000 new registrations. The current base of players at PKR is about 2.4 million.

Offline activities and recognition

PKR organized its foremost in-person poker tournament in November, 2008. About a hundred and fifty players participated in this live event. The players belonged to different countries across the world. Since then, PKR has continued hosting live tournaments annually. Famous and popular gaming magazine, eGaming Review rewarded the site with the tag ‘hotspot operator of the year’ in 2008.

The exciting way of poker-ing at PKR

The high quality 3D graphics of the site offers you a realistic feel. A user can freely pick up a customized character among multiples of them available to choose from. Character development and customization options are available using which a user can virtually switch into the character of his/her choice. The character may appear like you and show you character traits.

The lush 3D graphics take you to the core of action. There are nine amazing locations in this virtual world from where the action can be experienced. These locations include the warm TV studio lights as well as the cool Metro Bar. A user can pick up poker reads and also fake out opponents with ECT (Emote Control Technology). A user would be able to view the action in the way he/she wants it to. A user can choose the way to view the poker action on the table. PKR also facilitates a broad range of Sit & Go’s, MTT’s and Ring Games.

A user can earn bonuses from 5 lb to 500 lb. The site operates in a genuine manner by introducing new promotional schemes and bonuses periodically. A user has the chance to win exciting gifts. These gifts include high quality chip sets and latest poker books. The site also facilitates exclusive freerolls through which he/she can play for big cash prizes. One of these gifts includes VIP access to amazing live events.

Membership and referral programs at PKR

PKR also allots a social sharing panel, through which you can update your social friends about your poker stats. One can enjoy the most of site, utilizing different types of PKR memberships. One can apply for bronze, silver, gold, diamond and platinum membership plans. Each of these membership schemes has different offers and facilities for users. PKR also provides bonuses on referral programs. If a user refers his/her friend to join the site through the user’s reference id and the referred member becomes active and win bonuses at the site, the user is also rewarded.

PKR is a uniquely designed poker site. The site utilizes high quality graphics and amazing environments. The realistic sounds and graphics make users feel as if they are dealing at a casino live. You can choose your own character and location. All these make the play at PKR more interesting. The most fascinating fact about PKR is that it provides a realistic environment to play in. One can win up to 20,000 lb bonus. A user can flexibly choose his/her preferred deposit bonus. PKR has made its mark in the poker industry by making the PKR forum very user-friendly. A user can spend hours at the site without being bored.

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