Putting the Fun Back in Online Poker


PokerStars will be making a big change in the rules when it comes to the way the business is run. The reason why they are doing this is because they want to attract new customers and big changes will take place in 2016. Playing poker online can be considered Darwinian more times than not. A game that starts out as a fun and relaxing game became a game of scavenger. Those who were more experienced literally ate those that were merely beginners.


Those that were the best rose to the top quickly and stayed there while beginners were leaving quickly. A new professional was given birth to and it had no boundaries. Many considered this way of gambling comparable to a huge slaughter taking place over a long period of time. Those not in the elite crowd quickly learned it was not fun or relaxing to play online hands of poker. The newest poker players began leaving in large numbers and not returning.


A Darwinism theory states that it is not the strongest that survive but those who can adapt to change. PokerStars is about to test this theory with big changes that is going to shock most of the professional online poker players.


PokerStars has been thinking the same way Darwin once did and has worked hard at making changes. Known as the largest online poker room has worked to prevent data mining, not allowed third party applications and upped security. As the changes were taking place on PokerStars, the sister website Full Tilt, has taken even bolder steps to bring back poker the way it used to be played. Bringing poker back down to its roots is what many players are looking for and will be getting the opportunity with these two online gambling platforms.


According to PokerStars employee Eric Hollreiser, They have named the journey: ‘The Comprehensive Plan for Enhanced PokerStars Experience.’ What we are trying to achieve is to bring back the fun and relaxation of playing poker. We are trying to bring in new people and keep them playing on the platforms. 


PokerStars will continue to bring in new and exciting games as they have in the past. Those not in the elite 2% will have more of a chance for winnings and incentives. When people visit a gambling platform they do want to be stressed out and intimidated. The name of the game is to have fun and enjoy the gaming time. Who wants to play any type of game when they know they will be eaten alive by the competition?


Don't Just Play For Money

Best word of advice that has been given by well-known poker players is if you are just playing for the money you will not last long. If you are playing for the love of the game then you can be sure you will be playing poker for years to come. Have fun, try coupon codes like bet365 promo codeWhen gambling purely for monetary gains it becomes a job. Who wants to come home from working a full time job and then HAVE to go to their devices to pretty much perform another job? The fun is taken out of the game when the motive is to gain money and eat new players.


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