Among the various casino games, poker has a special place for fans due to the intricate nature of the game. No wonder then the World Championship of Online Poker is right at the top in the list of games enjoying the highest followings. Now, there is every possibility of the number of fans watching poker championship to increase since for the first time betting has been allowed on the matches. Bettors, therefore, are likely to place their wager in full vigour without having to bet under the sly, as was the case for so long.

Betting in Online Poker Tournaments

With betting in poker tournaments to be officially allowed from now on, World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) 2015 gets the privilege to be the first poker tournament where fans and players can place their odds on the likely winners legally. PokerStars is the name that comes to one’s mind when the talk veers around betting in poker tournament.

PokerStars at the Helm

The leading poker betting site, PokerStars with presence in the web as, and also as is the trusted name in the online sports betting circles. The sportsbook has declared its schedule for betting for the 2015 WCOOP. The betting lines of PokerStars sportsbook were open from 20 September 2015 for the Poker Championship 2015 until 27 September 2015, the day of the finals.

World Championship of Online Poker 2015

With players playing for a high stake of $10 million in the current championship, betting was on a very high scale. Since the tournament has seen the completion of more than half of its matches with the championship commencing earlier in the month on 6th, bettors could access the PokerStars sportsbook for the results of the earlier matches and get to know more about the state of the championship.

Betting Options Open

Two of the betting options, which PokerStars is offering on its website, include choice of player who would emerge as the ultimate winner and the name of the three players who would finish at the top of the standings. On current form and experience, players who are tipped to be the favourites to win the championship include Daniel Negreanu, Jason Mercier and Chris Moorman. Individual odds for these players and the rest of the competitors could be seen in the website of PokerStars. Further, PokerStars allows punters to bet on other dark horses outside the list of players put up, after seeking the odds of the player from the sports betting site.

With visible air of excitement felt in the poker circles, all stake holders from the players to fans and the sportsbook have taken to the social media to remain connected on the latest in the championship. World Championship of Online Poker 2015 was trending on the social media as fans and punters were looking for regular updates on the matches.

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