The King is in town – Serengeti Kings Video Slot review

NetEnt’s Serengeti Kings is an interesting addition to NetEnt’s slot game offerings. Played across 5 reels and 4 rows, the slot game has a 26 fixed paylines, with a playable range of 10p to £100 across all platforms. 

Similar to other NetEnt titles, Serengeti Kings offers a different take on the Free Spins feature, primarily focusing on spin cycles while letting players accumulate high value symbols for one big combination that would trigger other combinations as well. While this sounds interesting on paper, does it deliver when it comes to payouts? Let’s find out!


NetEnt Serengeti Kings – Overview

Before we dive into a closer look at Serengeti Kings, let’s take a look at the slot game’s overall information:

  • Number of reels: 5
  • Paylines: 20+
  • Coin range: 10p to £100
  • Jackpot: 500
  • Bonus rounds: Upto 2


Player experience and themes/symbols

From a visual perspective, NetEnt’s Serengeti Kings features a African wildlife theme. The central characters are a Lion and a Panther, both of which are featured as the highest card symbols for this game. Other animals that are featured as symbols are meerkats, giraffes, zebras and hyenas. Usual symbols – A, K, Q, J and 10 royals – are also featured in the game, with a wild like skin design around them. If a player gets 3 or more matching symbols, then a winning combination is formed. The wild symbol in Serengeti Kings is the sunset symbol.


Wildlife style – Lion & Panther feature

At the start of a game, the Lions spin mode is activated, which will last for the first 12 spins. Once these spins are done, then the Panther spin is activated, which will also last for 12 spins. During each of these spins, any Lion or Panther symbols would be collected in the Lion or Panther counter. Depending on which spin mode has been activated, the 12th and final spin of the spin mode triggers a count of how many symbols have been collected, and these symbols would be randomly distributed across all reels. 

Now, if either symbol lands on each other, a wild symbol (sunset) would be formed and subsequent combinations would result in an increase in the multiplier rate.

The easiest way to understand this feature has been activated is to look out for a visual change, where the day background changes to night.


Free Spins feature

The scatter symbol for Serengeti Kings is a half moon half sun symbol. If a player gets 3 or more scatter symbols on any reels, then the Free Spin feature is activated, offering the player 12 free spins. If 4 or 5 scatter symbols activate the feature, then the Lion and Panther symbols would be added to the respective counters. During the final free spins, all the symbols collected in both meters are added. This gives the player a higher chance to form more wilds and increase their multiplier rate.


Video Walkthrough



Now let’s see NetEnt’s Serengeti Kings in action. At 00:57, we can see a good demonstration of the symbols getting collected in the Lion counter. At 01:50, we can see a spin cycle finishing and all the collected symbols get placed on the reels, starting the Panther symbols. We can also see the Wild symbols forming when a Lion symbol is placed on a Panther symbol. At 02:16, we see the huge payout the player wins! In this particular sequence of gameplay, all the features combined together to provide a huge Megawin.


Closing thoughts

NetEnt’s Serengeti Kings is a fun play for online slot game players looking for an African wildlife experience. Featuring a medium variance and an RTP of 96.2%, NetEnt’s Serengeti Kings does offer player a chance to win decent payouts, but hitting the 1,300x the stake is difficult due to the huge number of low value symbols. 


What did you think of NetEnt’s Serengeti Kings? Let us know in the comments.

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