Those days are not far when gamblers will be able to bet legally in the state of California. The news hit saying that a bill legalising sports betting in California is likely to be introduced in the near future. Assemblyman, Adam Gray introduced a bill, which is now expected to be amended in order to consider the legalisation of sports betting. The Chairperson of the Gaming Committee made it clear that it will be possible only if the state constitution and federal law are addressed again. This article further talks about PASPA, the latest New Jersey case that has made things tougher and progress going on in sports betting legalisation.

Authorisation of Sports Betting

If the bill is passed, it will allow all the physically present gaming facilities to offer sports betting opportunities to the players. It includes all the race tracks, casinos and all the card rooms. In addition to this, the bill will legalise the wagers that are not placed in person giving more liberty to the players.

However, the bill will be passed with some key facts or conditions. According to it, bettors must not be below 21 years of age and they must reside within the borders of California in order to place a sports bet. Besides this, all the entities that are planning to offer sports betting will have to pay a particular amount of licensing fees to the state. Every quarter, all the licensees will be bound to pay a specific percentage of their total gaming profit to the state. Entities that will not abide by any of these rules will not be permitted to offer sports betting.

The Latest New Jersey Ruling

Lately New Jersey passed an order to make sports betting legal within its boundaries. However, the order did not pass due to the federal circuit court. The court declared that states could not permit the entities to offer sports betting according to the guidelines of Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). A re-hearing is likely to take place in the court. With this legislation, legal proceedings regarding authorisation of Daily Fantasy Sports are still going on.

Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act

The debates over whether PASPA can be repealed or not are still going on. The recent ruling in the case of New Jersey has made the game a little tougher. According to the ruling, it has become very difficult for all the states to offer sports betting opportunities on their own. In fact, they cannot even earn that right of sports betting through the courts.

This makes it clear that sports betting cannot be legalised until PASPA is repealed. Since the federal prohibition outside the state of Nevada is ineffective at present, it may make sports betting legalisation a little easy. Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner is heading this issue and is making efforts to call Congress to keep PASPA off the books.

It is yet to be seen if legalising sports betting at the state level is an option or not?

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