Sports betting is very popular all over the world because it exists at the intersection of two thrilling activities. It is a natural progression for a sports fan to go from merely supporting a particular team to actually wagering on the outcome of the match. The sports wagering industry is worth billions of dollars and it is only set to grow when more countries, the United States in particular, makes it legal.

What is really interesting is that sports betting isn’t really very different from trading in the stock market because in both instances the punter or trader has to take calculated risks and back it with money. There is no telling how the bet or trade will go, but there is immense potential to make money this way. As a matter of fact, the best sports bettors use the same money management techniques that expert stock market traders utilise. However, it has to be admitted that it is fairly hard to calculate risks in the sports betting industry, in addition to which the odds are not often in the favour of the punters. Another difference is that the risk in sports wagering is generally clearly defined.

Sports bettors spend a lot of time analysing statistics of sports performance, often going back many years. They don’t only consider performances of the individuals or teams, but also the venue of the event and whether the event is taking place in front of a home crowd or not. There is also an element of emotion that skews the decision making. Therefore, this is not exactly a scientific method, but it is nevertheless followed instead of placing wagers without giving the subject any consideration at all.

Both bettors and investors need to know how to manage risk properly in order to get the desired returns. Any investment or bet that is very risky might result in very high returns; however, it is not wise to make this the cornerstone of one’s activities. It is best to diversify the various bets they make so that risk is spread out considerably. Experienced bettors are likely to place high risk wagers with unfavourable odds only if they have extra money to take risks with.

Reinvestment of profits is a very crucial part of money management, both in stock market trading and sports wagering. While one has to start with an initial amount, all further activity should be funded by winnings so that one doesn’t dip into one’s savings or any other source of cash in order to continue trading. This is a sure fire way to lose money in the long term. Besides, excess winnings should be pulled out so that one actually has something to show for all the transactions.

It is clear to see that sports betting is best done when one approaches it systematically instead of hoping for inside tips. Excellent money management gives punters the ability to indulge in their favourite activity for as long as possible while also making money.

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