the-body-shop-logoThe Body Shop is a well-known UK based retail brand. They have over 1200 products and 2,500 stores spread over 61 countries across the world. The Body Shop was founded in 1976 by Anita Roddick. Its headquarters are currently located in Littlehampton, West Sussex and the company is now part of the L’Oreal corporate group.

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The idea for this company came to Anita Roddick when she visited a shop which sold soaps and lotions that had natural scents. This shop was based in Berkley, California and was run by Jane Saunders and Peggy Short. They used natural ingredients for all their products and another great thing about this store was that they provided employment and training for immigrant women. The concept of using natural ingredients for all products appealed to Anita Roddick and she started her own store in the UK which followed the same strategy. She purchased the rights for the title, “The Body Shop”, from its original owners and her business experienced rapid growth, almost 50% annually, since the time it launched.

One of the reasons that The Body Shop’s business grew rapidly in the 1980’s was that the company promoted its business through social and environmental campaigns.  The Body Shop’s shares debuted on London’s Unlisted Securities Market in April 1984. The cost for a single share was 95p. The company’s stock then went on to obtain a full listing on the London Stock Exchange. After that their shares grew by a staggering 500%.

The Body Shop retails a huge range of products. Their products include a wide range of lotions, soaps, shampoos and other products for the body, hair, face and home. Their products are made from natural ingredients and frequently include ingredients like sesame seed oil and marula oil. The Body Shop launched its first ECOCERT certified organic skincare line Nutriganics in 2010. The have also changed the ingredients of some of their hair line products so that they no longer contain parabens or colourants. They have also launched deodorants that do not contain aluminum salts or parabens. Instead, these deodorants contain volcanic minerals as ingredients. The Body Shop is famous for its body butters which come in several variations such as Olive, Mango, Strawberry, Coconut and several other natural flavours. Their range of cosmetics includes products such as Eye Shadows, Mascara, Lipstick and Mineral Make Up. They retail skin care products, men’s skin care products, hair products, bath products and fragrances. They also have a range of products for babies which are approved by pediatricians.

Apart from retail, The Body shop established the Body Shop foundation in 1990. This organization supports projects that undertake work in areas like civil rights, human rights, animal and environmental protection. The Body Shop foundation has donated over £9.5 million sterling in grants till date. Several organizations and projects, such as COTE (Children on the Edge), receive regular support from The Body Shop Foundation.  The Body Shop Foundation is funded through several fundraising campaigns conducted by The Body Shop Company.

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