The Predictions of Wimbledon 2015 Quarter-Finals! Were They Right?

Wimbledon fixtures, which always attract huge bets from fans all over the world have been no different this time too.

Bookies are working overtime in getting their odds right as the tournament is reaching its business end.

Updates are provided by sportsbooks to help bettors in placing their wagers.

Perhaps it would not be an exaggeration to say that the bookies and bettors are as busy and tense as the players who are slugging it out in the hallowed courts of Wimbledon 2015.

The Likely Semi-Final Line-Up!

Bookies are favouring the seeding to prevail. Seeded players are quite often upset in grand slam matches and it is not an every year phenomenon where the semi-final line up is drawn up with the top four seeds.

The top four seeds of this year’s Wimbledon Championship are Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Stan Warwinka.

Since the All England Club went by the ATP rankings and seeded Rafael Nadal as 12th seed, initial predictions by the bookies did not go by the seeding.

Though Rafael Nadal was having his poorest summer, not many bookies had the courage to exclude Nadal from the semi-final line up.

But with the early upset of the former champion, the reading of the game by the bookies is altered, now.

No Freebies for the Top Seeds

Bookies, however, predict that the quarter-final matches would not be a cake-walk to the top four seeds.

Though some of the players like Andy Murray and Djokovic had to stretch themselves before reaching this far in the Championship, Federer and Warwinka have virtually sailed through their early rounds without much of a sweat.

Both the Swiss players in fact have not lost a set in this year’s Championship. Odds

To substantiate their odds, bookies have provided previews of the matches. The bookmaker, Bovada’s odds for Federer is -900, while for Giles Simon is +600.

However, the bookmaker predicts that this match would go the full way and that Federer would win in five sets.

Odds given to Murray and Pospisil are -3300 and +1400 respectively. This match is predicted to close in four sets.

Top seeded Djokovic with his 100% record against Marin Cilic is the overwhelming favourite to win their clash, with Djokovic enjoying odds of -1400 as against Cilic’s +800.

Finally, the fourth seeded Warwinka has betting odds of -230 as against Richard Gasquet’s +190.

Warwinka is predicted to win his match in four sets to progress to the semi-finals of Wimbledon 2015.

Overview of Matches

Sportsbooks have been providing not only the betting odds and updates of matches, but also minute details like the match schedule and details of where the live coverage could be available.

Sportsbooks are further, gearing themselves to provide betting odds for the tougher semi-final matches, with semi-final matches likely to feature Roger Federer and Murray at the bottom half of the draw, while Djokovic is set to meet Warwinka in the other semi-final at the top half of the draw.

So, do you think the predictions came true?

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