The Status of Canada’s Legal Sports Betting Catalyst, Bill C-290 has Been Wavering Since a Long Time! Will Joe Comartin Succeed in Showing it the Light of Day?

Bill C-290 was introduced by Joe Comartin in the year 2011. According to this Act, the criminal code had to be amended, and wagering on the result of a single sporting event was expected to be allowed.

At present, it is illegal in Canada. Comartin always wanted to legalise sports betting on single events, but is now disappointed with the Senate’s course of action.

He mentions that the private members of the Senate have weakened the bill to the extreme at which it is not likely to take the shape of a law.

The proposed legislation aimed at repealing the criminal code’s section that outlaws betting on single race, sporting event, athletic contest or fight.

If the law is passed, provinces will then have to announce the changes and permit all the gamblers to bet on single games instead of multiple games.

It was fortunate that the bill was unanimously approved and passed in the House of Commons.

However, the worst part is that it has shown no progress right from the time it has been sent to the Senate.

It is there ever since 2012. In addition to this, the Senate is not expected to sit until after the federal elections.

Views of Joe Comartin

Comartin mentions that it is very shameful to see that opposition has come from within the Senate and the bill is resting there since years.

According to The Canadian Gaming Association, the total amount spent by Canadians on multiple game bets is around $450 million in a year, but they spend more than $10 billion on a single sporting event.

Comartin clearly states that $10 billion is simply being wagered illegally and is funding organised crime. He believes that the bill is the best way to fight organised crime and is the only method to take away a portion of money from such criminal activity.

His views are strong, as he has remained a member of the Standing Committee on justice and human rights and has prepared a report on the respective issue.

The Bill-A Job Creation Tool

Comartin finds the bill to be a tool to create more jobs for the people. It mentions that not only a community, but also various communities across the nation will be benefitted from this bill.

In fact, the change would have saved around 250 jobs at Caesars Windsor, according to Comartin.

Hinting at Casino Niagara and Fallsview Casino, he says that the same is true in Niagara Falls.

On the other hand, the NDP MP for Windsor-West, Brian Masse tags single sports betting as a windfall for organised crime.

The major vocal opponent of Bill C-290 has been Conservative Senator, Vern White. He says that it does not make any sense to legalise the bill simply because organised crime is taking bets.

He adds that the nations will soon need to legalise cocaine and heroin also if Brian’s line of thinking is followed.

Therefore, debates and discussions are still taking place over legalising of the Bill C-290. It is tough to anticipate any results as of now!

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